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GDM Guide – Get Your Assets Accepted First Time

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Here at GameDev Market, we get tons of assets submitted throughout the course of each year.

While most assets that are uploaded follow the guidelines provided on the asset upload page, with so many assets being uploaded for review, it’s only natural that we still end up having to reject a lot for reasons that aren’t linked to their quality.

Obviously this not only adds time on for our team, but it also means asset creators have to spend more time amending their listings to meet the guidelines.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide on getting your assets accepted first time, so read on to find out…
It goes without saying that the quality of the asset uploaded plays a huge part in the decision of whether it’s accepted or not. Though generally if the quality isn’t high enough, it usually means the asset won’t be re-submitted anyway, so we’re focusing purely on the other aspects of the review process for this piece.

The following seven reasons are the most common things that lead to us having to reject an asset on the first (or sometimes even 2nd, 3rd & 4th) time of being added for review.

Use of English

All asset listings on the site must use English for the title and the description, as well as for file names. You are free to include a copy of your description in another language but the English version must be displayed first.

This not only ensures consistency with assets across the site, but also makes our asset review process that little bit easier!

AI generated assets

We are no longer accepting any assets onto the store that have been generated using AI and you can find more info on this here - AI Assets on GDM

Links to other stores

While we’re more than happy for you to include links to your own store, Patreon page or other stores in your main seller page bio, please keep them out of your asset descriptions.

Copyright issues

By far the most important aspect of uploading an asset to the store and an extremely simple one to follow! If you are not the original creator of an asset or you don’t have explicit permission from the creator, then you should not upload it for review.

This includes uploading anything that is copied or based on someone else’s original work or anything that has any reference to another company’s trademarked logo or design.

During the asset review process, we carry out our own checks for potential copyright issues and will reject anything that raises any concerns. 

In the small number of instances where an asset slips through the net and is then raised as a copyright infringement by a third party, we will take action against the seller, which could include asset removal, account suspension and withholding of earnings.

By taking a strong stance against copyright issues, it helps to make the marketplace a more secure place for buyers and sellers alike.

Additional license terms

All assets listed on the site are covered by our standard Pro License terms, so any assets that either have additional license terms included as a file within their zip folder, or have terms included in the description, will be rejected.

This is again to maintain consistency across the site, so buyers know exactly what they can and cannot do with every asset available on the store and don’t get confused by any conflicting or additional terms.

Poor description/samples

The description and sample images are the main method you have of providing potential buyers with enough information to convince them to buy your asset.

With a lot of assets the main cover image can make it clear enough what is included, but for assets where this is not the case then a full description and accompanying sample images are a must.

This not only increases the chances of you making a sale, but also reduces the chance of us having to provide a refund if a buyer feels the asset cover image is misleading or the minimal description doesn’t provide sufficient information.

Limited Content

This is a more recent addition to our submission guidelines, mainly due to the number of assets that are now available across the store.

In most cases we will no longer be accepting assets that have very limited content included, for example one single weapon or a single sound effect. Instead we will be encouraging asset creators to include these in a larger pack of assets in a similar theme.

We’ve added this to our guidelines mainly to try to help ensure that buyers have the best browsing experience, but also to boost chances of a sale for sellers.

An asset listing which includes a full pack of weapons or a batch of related sound effects is much more likely to be appealing than a single listing of each separate item.
If you follow all of the above guidelines, and upload high quality assets, then chances are you’ll have no issues during the review process and we can get your assets onto the store as quickly as possible, ready for potential buyers to see them in all their glory.

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