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Selling Guide

Selling on GameDev Market is simple; every account already has the capability to sell assets, so its as simple as creating your first listing and submitting it to our team for review. Check out these two handy snippets of information below to help you create your listings and to avoid unnecessary delays to getting your first asset live in the marketplace.

✅   Creating a quality asset

Your assets should be a true reflection of your skill, talent and creativity. We will only accept assets onto the marketplace that cannot be easily replicated by someone else, so ensure that there is something unique and special about your assets.

For 2D and GUI assets, always provide vector and editable files where possible in order to give more flexibility to developers using the assets. If you provide editable files, be sure to clearly name your layers and elements.

Take time to arrange your files and folders in an organized manner and name them clearly. Include Readme files where appropriate to provide setup instructions, support information, frequently asked questions and to link to external resources needed to use the asset.

GameDev Market aims to make the use of purchased assets as easy and convenient as possible. Therefore, please take the time to ensure your asset is as game-ready as possible.

✅   Creating a quality listing

Taking the time to create a quality asset listing on GameDev Market will result in more sales and less questions from buyers.

Your asset’s Title is arguably the most important part of the listing. Keep it to the point and make sure it accurately describes your asset. Do not mention your username, what your asset is similar to or subjective opinion phrases like “The best”. The asset Tagline is less restrictive and can be used to provide any extra information you’d like, such as your asset’s main selling point.

The Description of your asset should describe all of the elements of your asset in depth so that developers know exactly what is included. You should also provide links to further resources, external demonstrations and support information where appropriate. Don’t link to your asset on competing websites.

Your asset’s Cover Photo is incredibly important. It should be 700px wide and at least 400px high, though we actively encourage taller cover photos to promote your asset in a more interesting manner than plain text. While you should aim to stand out and catch the attention of buyers, you must make sure that your cover photo accurately represents your asset. Only the top of your cover image is displayed on product listings, and the amount shown varies depending on the user’s device. Therefore, ensure that the most important part of the image, including any text with the title of your asset, appears high up in the cover photo. Do not include trademarks or sales text such as “Buy now!” or “50% off!” as we will not be able to accept your asset.

When deciding a Price for your asset, refer to our Licences page to understand how developers are able to use your asset once they have purchased a licence. Remember, licences are non-exclusive, which means that your asset can be sold an unlimited amount of times on our marketplace. You have complete control over the pricing of your assets.

You will be able to select a Maximum Promotional Discount. Occasionally, GameDev Market will run sales for periods of time, both site-wide and for certain segments. Please select a maximum percentage that you are comfortable for us to discount your asset by during these periods, or select Never to exclude your asset from our sales.

Sample Files are a great way of showing more of your asset, such as full renders or your model from multiple angles. Image sample files must be watermarked using our official image watermark which you can download here. Do not stretch, scale, rotate or otherwise change our watermark. Audio sample files must also be watermarked using our audio watermark, which you can download here. You can change the looping interval of the watermark as you see fit to best protect your audio asset. Similarly, you can use a custom drone audio watermark to protect sound effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I earn?
You will keep 70% of your assets' sales.

Does my asset have to be exclusive?
No, you are free to list your asset on other websites, too!

When and how will I be paid?
You can request withdrawal of your earnings at any time provided you have a balance of at least $25.

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