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A Further Update On AI Assets On GDM

We previously commented on our stance on AI generated assets in a post at the start of November, which, to give a brief overview, stated that we were allowing AI assets onto the store as long as their asset description clearly labelled the asset as AI generated and included the software used.

Since that time we’ve held extensive internal discussions on this and, following a further increase in the quantity of AI assets being submitted, have now come to the decision that we will not be accepting any more AI generated assets onto the store until further notice.

Why have we made this decision?

Ultimately the main reason we have decided to implement this is to protect our regular asset creators, GameDev Market is a store aimed primarily at indie game devs & artists and we feel that mass generated AI art doesn’t fit in with that ethos.

With the majority of AI assets that have been uploaded for review being packs that have 100’s of backgrounds, icons or character portraits included, there is a real danger of the store becoming saturated with assets that have been created quickly by just entering in a few words into an AI generator. 

While we appreciate that not all submitted AI assets just include the exact image that the AI software generates and do have additional manual work carried out on them, it doesn’t take away from the fact that creating an asset that uses AI makes it a much easier task than creating something from scratch.

Without placing a suspension on AI assets on the store, regular asset creators will end up being negatively impacted as AI based art floods the market at a much quicker rate than they can create their own work.

Current AI Assets…

For any AI generated assets that are already on the store, we do not currently have plans to remove them, as long as they are clearly labelled as AI generated and confirm the software used, as detailed in our previous post. Any AI based assets that are already in the review list will be reviewed as normal, so will be allowed onto the store if they meet our guidelines.

However, any AI assets submitted from this date (18th Jan 2023) forward will be rejected instantly if we feel they are clearly created with AI or, in cases where we have suspicions about AI use, the creator will be asked for further information to confirm they have been created from scratch.

We will also carry out checks on accepted AI assets from time to time to ensure they still comply with the guidelines as we have had a small number of instances where a seller has included AI details in their asset but then once it has been accepted they have removed any mention of it. In any case where this has been found to happen, the asset will be removed from the store immediately and further action may be taken against the seller’s account.

Our goal is to make things as fair and as clear as possible for users of GDM and we feel this is the best way forward at this time in regards to AI assets.

As always, if you have any questions about anything included above, then please feel free to get in touch with our support.

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