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Purchases can be made by either PayPal or credit/debit card, though seller withdrawals can only be processed via PayPal without prior approval for alternative options.

If your confirmation still hasn’t come through within a couple of hours of signing up for a GDM account, please email [email protected] with details and we can manually activate your account for you.

If you have any problems using the site or just need some additional information then you can get in touch with the GameDev Market team either by emailing [email protected] or by contacting us on our Facebook or Twitter account.

No, the only currency which is being used across the marketplace is US Dollars. If you are buying or selling assets and US Dollars are not your regular currency we would advise you to check any amounts to ensure you know how much you are paying or asking for.

At the moment the site is only provided in English and GameDev Market cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in any translation provided by 3rd parties.

The full terms and conditions of GameDev Market can be found here.


If you purchase an asset and have any problems with it at all, you should at first try contacting the asset creator by leaving a comment on their asset page to see if they can resolve the issue. If there is still a problem after this or you feel that there is no way that the issue could be resolved then get in touch with GameDev Market support by emailing [email protected]

After you have followed the above steps and contacted GameDev Market, we will mediate any dispute and, if deemed necessary, process a refund.

If an asset you have purchased does not show up in your account, please contact [email protected] with details of the order and we will look into this for you.

Yes, there are hundreds of high quality assets on GameDev Market which are available free of charge.

There is currently no option to purchase the exclusive rights to an asset, but this is something that we may look into in future.

If an asset you have purchased is updated by the seller, you can download the updated asset at no additional cost.

No, there is no requirement for you to give the creator of any asset a game credit, however you are more than welcome to do so if you wish.

Unfortunately not, using any asset on the store to create an NFT is against our license terms, you can find a full explanation of this here – GameDev Market License & NFTs.


GameDev Market Alliances give you the chance to make extra earnings simply by sharing your Alliance link and for every indie that visits and signs up, you’ll earn 5% of everything they buy and sell during their first year, straight from us to you.

You can share your Alliance link in any way you want, whether that is through social media, email or a link on your own site – as long as people sign up through your specific link, you can start earning when they start buying or selling.

No, whether your Alliance is made up of 2 members or 200 members, that is entirely up to you and how much interest you can generate in GameDev Market. The more people that sign up through your Alliance link, the more opportunity you have to make additional earnings.

You can track your Alliance members and their sales/purchases by logging into your account and selecting the View Alliance option from the drop down.

As with earnings generated from sales, simply issue a withdrawal request when your balance reaches $25 and the money will be paid to you on the 1st or 14th of the month via PayPal.


You can currently upload 2D, 3D and GUI visual assets, as well as Audio assets. We will also be looking at adding scripts and other game code to the available options in the future.

We aim to review all submitted assets within 72 hours, however during periods of major website development work and during busy submission periods, the asset review process may take slightly longer.

When you submit an asset it is sent to the GameDev Market team to review, there are then three possible outcomes:

Asset accepted – if your asset meets the quality standards and there are no issues with it then it will be accepted and will automatically become available to browse and purchase.

Minor changes – if your asset is largely ok but needs a small alteration or additional information, we will provide feedback to allow you to make the necessary changes before resubmitting for review.

Asset rejected – if your asset doesn’t meet the required quality or is considered to be unacceptable for any other reason, we will unfortunately have to reject your asset and it will not be able to placed on the marketplace.

If your asset is rejected you will receive a notification with details of why the asset was rejected. In the event of it being rejected for a minor reason, you can make an amendment and resubmit the asset for review. If your asset is rejected due to it not meeting quality standards or being inappropriate, it will not be able to be reviewed again.

At the moment, if you need to change the category of an uploaded asset, please email support(at) with details of the changes.

Yes, you are free to list your asset on any other marketplace, however, you may need to check with the other marketplace terms and conditions that they will allow you to have your asset listed elsewhere as well.

Yes, all assets that are submitted to the marketplace must be watermarked using the GameDev Market watermark. This is to prevent unlicensed use of assets and is in place to protect both the asset creators and GameDev Market.

No, the watermark used must be the one provided by GameDev Market.

When uploading an audio asset, Step 2 contains a downloadable Audio Watermark. This watermark should be overlaid onto your sample track to ensure that the sample cannot be used without a licence.

You should make sure that your audio sample gives potential buyers a good representation of what they can expect if they make a purchase, there is no set length for the sample files but we would suggest 10-20 seconds.

We have no restrictions on which game engines you can upload an asset for as long as it is clear if an asset is engine specific.

The price for your asset is entirely up to you, we would encourage you to make sure that the price reflects the asset and you can always amend your prices if you think you have initially set them too high or low.

All payments are currently managed through Paypal and you can request withdrawal of your earnings at any time provided you have a balance of at least $25. Once you’ve made a request, we will send you your earnings through PayPal on either the 1st or 14th of the month, whichever is soonest.

The maximum promotional price when listing an asset refers to the highest amount you would be willing to have discounted on your asset. GameDev Market may run promotions from time to time, which would allow buyers to purchase assets at a discounted rate – by selecting your maximum promotional price you are agreeing to allow GameDev Market to offer discounts up to your selected rate.

While we ask all sellers to state their maximum promotional price, we will only run a handful of sales throughout the year. We do however send out regular emails showcasing a selection of the best new assets from the store

The weekly emails are generally made up of a selection of the most recent assets accepted on the marketplace, as well as some themed emails. Our choices for assets to include in these emails are based on the quality of each asset, with the cover photo playing a large part in this.

By making sure your asset listing contains all of the necessary information and uses high quality images, you will have a much better chance of getting your assets included in our weekly emails.

At the moment it is not possible for individual sellers to run a discount or promotion on their assets, the maximum promotional price is in place for when GDM run official sales on the marketplace.

If you no longer want your asset to be included on the store, simply send an email to support(at) requesting an asset removal with your username and details of the asset included – you must also send the email from the same email address associated with your GDM account.

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