Monsters Time Fantasy RPG Sprite Pack

Technical Details

Version V1 (Last updated 02/14/2016)
Included formats PNG
Created in GraphicsGale
Sprite Yes


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ElectroDev LVL 3

Aug 7th '17 22:59  

Monters are awesome but it doesn't include any attack animation for the them, just the walking one... So it is a little bit useless for real time battles. On the other hand I think it would do the trick for simple turn-based battles.

Ivedige LVL 1

Apr 8th '17 00:43  

Can these be used for paid games, If i modify them?

illidari LVL 5

Jan 21st '17 03:27  

What tileset are the elemental monsters standing on?

Jan 21st '17 04:15  


Trustinlies LVL 5

Aug 30th '16 22:48  

Is there any possibility in the near future of a Boss Monsters pack? Like bigger and more serious monsters for use as bosses?

Aug 31st '16 16:40  

@Trustinlies Good idea for a future expansion thanks! :)

Trustinlies LVL 5

Aug 31st '16 17:21  

@finalbossblues of course XD totally not asking because its what im looking for myself lol.

Mar 1st '16 07:11  

@Idd you shouldn't need to be separating the character sprites, they're included as individual frames. the tiles are arranged in images that use a straightforward 16x16 grid.

ldd LVL 3

Feb 28th '16 18:15  

I love these tiles, but it would be nice if the developer included the pixel offsets and margins of each tileset. Playing with imagemagick is not hard, but at least gives us a way to easily get individual tiles. thanks!

ldd LVL 3

Feb 28th '16 19:10  

Nevermind, 2 hours later and I still cannot properly split these tilesets...(...)

ldd LVL 3

Feb 28th '16 20:27  

I can split them nicely now:


Love it!

This is a must have for your game (if you are using the Time Fantasy Packs). It not only has a load of monsters, but a great selection and variety.

Posted by Agoraphobic about V1 on 21st Jul 13:11