Fantasy RPG Tileset Pack

Technical Details

Version V62417 (Last updated 10/23/2015)
Included formats png
Created in GraphicsGale
Sprite Yes


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poskusin LVL 3

Aug 9th '17 09:08  

Great tileset. I'm planning on buying more of your graphics soon. I'm struggling to understand how to break apart the autotiles. You mentioned you had done about half of them, did it ever get finished? If not, could you explain how to do it? The anatomy of autotiles confuses me greatly. Thanks!

Aug 9th '17 11:35  

@poskusin Some older versions of the pack had autotiles formatted for RPGMaker which weren't very useable for other engines. I thought that this version included the updates but I'll take another look. For now, send me an email via and I'll send you the updated files.

gryffonx LVL 4

Jan 25th '17 19:28  

I've been looking at using this tileset in RPGMaker MV, and (unless I am missing something), it looks like there are some things that are in the "source" tilesheets that are not in the RPGMAKERMV versions. It looks like there are portions of the dungeon.png file that didn't make it over to the RPGMaker version (specifically the brown/purple cave walls), and the castle.png tiles are completely missing. The winter expansion has an A5 cave sheet with the cave walls, etc, but there's doesn't appear to be one for the normal purple/brown variants in this set.

Jan 25th '17 19:30  

@gryffonx An older version of the pack was missing that file by mistake-- I'll take a look and see if I can update it to include it. For now send me an email on and I'll send that to you.

Silvester92 LVL 3

Jan 13th '17 10:50  

Hey! great pack, and I've been using them to craft my little world.. However there appears to be something I've missed as a difference between the RPG Maker versions and this one.. there's no animated fires in this version? The torch stands and fireplaces are but not the actual fire. Is there any way for me to get this without purchasing the RPG Maker package as well? seems a bit excessive to purcahse the same pack twice for one or two graphics I might be missing out on, not to mention the RPG Maker licensing nonsense they have.

Jan 13th '17 12:16  

@Silvester92 Good catch; maybe I forgot to include those. Send me an email on and I can send them to you

schrodinger LVL 6

Oct 9th '16 21:48  

I must be completely blind, but I can't seem to find the "transition" tiles, i.e. from grass to dirt, like the ones seen in the preview image up there (say, these: I can modify the asset to get those myself, but just wondering if I did miss them from the pack... which I purchased some hours agoi and is AWESOM, btw! Thank you and keep on the great work!

Oct 9th '16 23:24  

@schrodinger Hi. send me an email on and I'll take a look. Thanks . :)

Axenation LVL 3

May 23rd '16 11:05  

@finalbossblues Hi, I ran into a problem with your tileset's format while using the "Tiled" map editor. The issue I'm having is the tileset format for certain tiles follows the 8x8 format instead of 16x16. I just noticed one of the people above had a similar issue with different tiles as well. Is there any chance you can update the files to include the format needed for the Tilled map editor as well, or at least add a disclaimer noting the format being used for the tileset? I can do this myself, but it's a little overwhelming considering the sheer amount of tiles included in the package. I must also add that it is a really nice tileset other than this one issue. I've included a link to an image that shows the format that "Tiled" uses compared to the current format if you decide to go that route.

May 23rd '16 17:27  

@Axenation Ya that's because of the way RPGMaker formats its autotiles. There will be an update in the future that has full tiles. I've redone maybe half of them so far but have been busy-- send me an email on my website and I'll send you what I have so far.

Zays LVL 3

May 11th '16 21:06  

@finalbossblues are there tilesets for night time?

May 12th '16 01:10  

@Zays These tilesets can be used for both if you use something like a screen tint or overlay. I haven't thought about making tilesets special for nighttime. Cool idea, thanks! :)

stathisg LVL 3

Mar 11th '16 23:45  

@finalbossblues Can you please point me to the tiles used to create the outline of the house in sample5.png? Just to be clear, have a look at the following image: The arrows point to what I mean by "outline". Thanks in advance

Mar 11th '16 23:50  

@stathisg Those tiles are on the inside.png sheet; in the top center. Those are organized as 8x8 tiles which are arranged for easily autotiling in programs like RPG Maker. You should be able to use them as regular tiles is you set that grid to 8x8. The water tiles are organized similarly.

stathisg LVL 3

Mar 12th '16 00:14  

@finalbossblues Since everything else is 16x16, I believe that they should have been 16x16 as well. I have already configured and built everything to be 16x16 in the map I'm working on in Tiled and I can't find a way to properly use them as 8x8 tiles (I can import it as a 8x8 tileset, but I can't fit multiple 8x8 tiles into a 16x16 tile in the map).

Mar 12th '16 01:31  

@stathisg yeah we can blame RPGMaker for that one with their inconsistent size restrictions. I can quickly recombine them to make some bigger tiles and update that into the pack. Send me an email via and I'll send them to you.

stathisg LVL 3

Mar 12th '16 01:36  

@finalbossblues That would be very helpful, thanks. :) I'll send you an email via your contact page soon.

radlabgaming LVL 8

Mar 11th '16 17:24  

Overall the art looks good for the packs but I do not enjoy how they are laid out in different sizes throughout the tile-sheet. This is causing me to manually go through and cut east sprite I want to use out of the tile-pack which is rather frustrating.

Mar 11th '16 20:53  

@radlabgaming The tiles are arranged in a simple 16x16 grid and in big "tileset chunks" that you can re-organize to be easiest for whichever engine you are using. Most tilemapping programs should have no problem reading them. Also, if you need to but anything out of the sheets; simply turn on the grid (to 16x16) and snap in Photoshop (or equivalent program), and cutting out individual tiles will be very fast and easy. :)

Playpal64 LVL 4

Feb 6th '16 22:14  

Nice pack. This pack = FANTASY RPG TILESET PACK + OVER 80 RPG CHARACTERS W ANIMATIONS ? There are fight sword animations on "OVER 80 RPG CHARACTERS W ANIMATIONS " ?

Feb 6th '16 22:44  

@Playpal64 Yes, the RPGMaker version has both the characters and the tiles from these packs. That version is bundled for RPGMaker and has an RPGMaker-exclusive license. The packs here on GDM don't have that license restriction, so you might be better off getting them here. Yes, the sprite pack you're talking about (Over 80+ RPG...) includes the sword animations. They are currently not in the RPGMaker version of the pack, but I've been told that they will be a part of a future update (if you have bought the rpgmaker version and you want the extra animations send me an email on my website). Hope that answers your question. Thanks buddy

Playpal64 LVL 4

Feb 6th '16 22:49  

@finalbossblues thank you, i think i will buy 2 packs on GDM.

ElectroDev LVL 3

Jan 7th '16 09:30  

I meant if I can modify them changing colors or clothes...

Jan 12th '16 12:36  

Fine by me. Once you buy these you can change the colors or anything else all you want.

ElectroDev LVL 3

Jan 7th '16 09:25  

Im interested on your 2 assets (tilesets and characters) I wonder if there is any problem if modify them and expand it with new characters and new buildings for my game... If I purchase them, I receive a .png? Sorry Im still noob in this :p

Jan 7th '16 12:50  

@ElectroDev Sure you can modify them and expand them. Absolutely. The files are in .png format in a zip.


complete and very well crafted

As the title says, a very complete and all-round set, suitable for most environments you can think of, very rich, wide content, compatible with other entries by the same author (also freebies he made available on his website). A well detailed set of little items for interiors and general outside props make this worth twice its price. Fully satisfied!

Posted by schrodinger about V2 on 10th Dec 15:46