Over 80 RPG Characters w Animations

Technical Details

Version V1.1 (Last updated 11/08/2015)
Included formats png
Created in GraphicsGale
Sprite Yes


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caio0290 LVL 2

Oct 13th '17 19:51  

has the sprite attack move?thx

Ivedige LVL 1

Apr 8th '17 00:42  

Can i modify the them? And can i use them for paid games? (after i modify and change them, Mostly gonna use the sprites as bases tbh)

Oddgasm LVL 2

Sep 26th '16 20:11  

Nice job ; is there a way to only download what wasn't included in this pack http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/graphics/time-fantasy ? because I bought it and I don't have some sprites (like the armed poses)..?

Sep 26th '16 20:40  

@Oddgasm Hi. There are some characters that are exclusive to the RPGMaker version-- but the animation poses should be included in the pack. Send me an email via timefantasy.net and I'll take a look. Thanks!

idegeram LVL 1

Aug 31st '16 20:40  

Hello, are you consider to create the same sprite packs that specialized for monsters and creatures. The format you provided here is exactly match with the proportion I need. But currently, I just have the complete sprites for characters and deed NPCs. Please reply, thank you. [email protected]

Sep 11th '16 19:52  

@idegeram https://www.gamedevmarket.net/asset/monsters-time-fantasy-rpg-sprite-pack-4391/

chen LVL 1

Jul 19th '16 10:41  

@finalbossblues Can you make two more 4 direction animation for attack and dead?

hawkeyegold LVL 1

Jun 23rd '16 20:28  

What are the sizes of the 4 direction animated characters?

Jun 23rd '16 20:52  

@hawkeyegold they're arranged in sprite sheets that vary in size based on each sprite: the sprite sheets are arranged in a way that works with rpgmaker, and if you're NOT using rpgmaker then here are the numbers of most spritesheets to help you put it together in another engine: they'e arranged like this: http://j.nope.me/06/23/20160623_154656.png the dimensions change based on proportions necessary (for example the animals sheet has different dimensions), but most of the regular character sprites follow these conventions: 312x288 is the total sheet size here for 8 characters. Each frame is 26x36. and ALSO of course they are included as individual frame pngs so you can have freedom of working with the frames and organizing them however best fits your needs. if you're talking about SCALE then they're designed to fit on a 16x16 grid. hope that helps. thanks

Zerotown LVL 3

Mar 13th '16 06:37  

This is a very nice collection of sprites! I am very glad to have found it. I have two questions, if you don't mind: 1). Is it possible to create a '2x' version of the sprites, like you did in your 'monster' collection? I am currently upscaling the sprites from this pack in my game prototype, but at a loss of quality. 2). It's not extremely important, but: would it be possible to provide sprites without the shadow beneath their feet? (or maybe in future packs?) I am currently trying to adjust my game so everything matches, but this doesn't work all the time.

Mar 13th '16 07:01  

@Zerotown Send me an email on timefantasy.net and i can send the 2x sprite sheets. As for shadowless versions; its been requested before and it's on my list of things to update, but I prioritize new content so we'll see. Thanks :)

Playpal64 LVL 4

Feb 15th '16 22:53  

I just bought the pack, great graphic but in fact there are no combat animation? just "poses" with the weapons? I speak of attack animations in 4 directions...

Feb 16th '16 00:53  

@Playpal64 Thanks. :) the walking directions are in all four directions. there is an additional action pose as stated in the description: Special animations: 3-frame weapon "ready" pose.

Playpal64 LVL 4

Feb 16th '16 01:09  

ok but i'm talking about something like this : http://www.noelshack.com/2016-07-1455584865-exemple.png (sword attack, only 1 direction in this exemple)

Feb 16th '16 01:27  

@Playpal64 Looks like a great idea for a future expansion. :)

Playpal64 LVL 4

Feb 16th '16 01:38  

of course but I rather regret the purchase, I do not see how to make an RPG without fight ...

Feb 16th '16 01:59  

@Playpal64 Try using a turn-based battle system; they often use different graphics for the battle sprites so that's why these were made this way. These are map sprites and the description was clear. Sorry you feel that way buddy.

Feb 16th '16 02:01  

@Playpal64 Send me an email via timefantasy.net and we can work something out

Rixium LVL 3

Jul 1st '17 00:28  

Is there still any chance you are considering adding attack animations. Preferably with no weapon, as then there is the option of adding custom weapons.

Jul 1st '17 01:08  

@rixium Yes! I will be working on them this summer. I'm hoping to have them finished this fall. :D

zimventures LVL 4

Oct 2nd '17 19:45  

Definitely a huge bummer that the attack animations aren't present. The screenshot (weapons in hand) kind of eludes that they would be present. That being said - wow, what a great pack. I'd be MORE than happy to inquire about a commission or patreon support to see this added.

kranzky LVL 3

Feb 1st '16 04:22  

It was trivial to use the sprite sheets for a game, not sure why people want them separated into individual frames. We purchased this pack for our GGJ16 entry: http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/musical-sacrifice @finalbossblues: I would love a version of the sprite sheets without the shadow underneath each character... we can add that to the game as a separate sprite

kranzky LVL 3

Feb 1st '16 03:38  

Easy as pie to use the sprite sheets with Phaser. Thanks for these. we purchased for our Global Game Jam entry: http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/musical-sacrifice

Feb 1st '16 04:26  

@kranzky thanks buddy! happy to see my guys in your game. :) good idea on the shadowless versions. I'll put it on my to-do list for future updates. thanks.

thebrokentoy LVL 3

Nov 5th '15 22:27  

This looks very good and I would like to purchase it. Do you have weapon art that I could use with these sprites?

Nov 5th '15 23:28  

@thebrokentoy Not exactly sure what you mean, sorry man. The sprites in the pack have a pose animation and most of those are stances with weapons. If you mean icons or weapons on their own, then I haven't made those yet.

chorrus LVL 7

Nov 4th '15 23:23  

What is comfortable for developers is having each character separated in folders, inside the folders each animation should have a different folder, and inside that folder each frame in a different image. Anyway I will rate five stars because I see you are a great artist, anyway I would love to see that update :)

Nov 4th '15 23:25  

@chorrus Thanks! I'll work on that. Shouldn't take very long to re-organize them so hopefully I'll update it this weekend.

Nov 9th '15 00:51  

Okay the pack has been updated with individual frames. Hope that this is useful! Thanks.

Nov 4th '15 23:19  

@chorrus Thanks for the suggestion. They're formatted that way to be compatible with the RPG Maker engines. I'm open to re-organizing the sprites for a future update. Do you have a suggestion as to what would be the best way? Do you think the animation-frames are arranged fine if I just separate each character onto its own sheet?

chorrus LVL 7

Nov 4th '15 23:16  

The quality is very good, but the presetation isn't too good, most developers prefer each character in a different image to make it easier to import it too our games. If you do that instead of having most together you will have most customers very happy, right now I am a little bit lost. Hope you can help :)


A very complete set of characters!

Movement in four directions, as well as weapon-poses and other stances. What is not to like?! :)

Posted by Zerotown about V1.1 on 13th Mar 06:39


A great pack with many characters and a very affordable price!

Posted by chorrus about V1 on 4th Nov 23:24