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2D Featured Creator Bundle - Finalbossblues

This asset is part of the 2D Featured Creator Bundle - Finalbossblues  bundle



Bring your game world to life in crisp pixel art with these RPG tiles. This pack includes a wide variety of environment tiles that feel like the classic RPGs of the SNES era. These tiles are arranged in sheets with a 16x16 grid. This pack is compatible with all graphics in my Time Fantasy style. Note: The characters shown in the screenshots are from my RPG Character Pack. Hundreds of tiles! Here are the details:
  • Grass, dirt, rock, and sand terrain with loads of variations
  • Outside tiles for forests, mountains, cliffs and deserts
  • Animated water tiles
  • Houses, shops and castles - inside and outside!
  • A variety of dungeons: caves, mines, ruins and temples
  • World map tiles
Also Includes
  • Animated doors that open and close
  • Animated traps and switches for puzzles
  • A visual guide to show how the tiles work together
  • kitchen tiles from timefantasy.net*
*the kitchen tiles were previously released for free on the timefantasy blog. they're included for convenience
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Active Since: October 2015

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As the title says, a very complete and all-round set, suitable for most environments you can think of, very rich, wide content, compatible with other entries by the same author (also freebies he made available on his website). A well detailed set of little items for interiors and general outside props make this worth twice its price. Fully satisfied!

schrodinger - 7 years ago


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commanderjroc 3 months ago

Hello.i bought this tileset and see big white squares in the outside sprite sheet. Is this expected ?

finalbossblues 3 months ago

Ah I see-- I believe that is from a "master" sheet which at one time had tiles from multiple expansion packs in the same file, so those spaces might exist where some tiles were split off into a separate sheet. It should work fine, you can ignore those space or re-arrange the tiles to however works best for you. Thanks!

gryffonx 1 year ago

I've been looking at using this tileset in RPGMaker MV, and (unless I am missing something), it looks like there are some things that are in the source" tilesheets that are not in the RPGMAKERMV versions. It looks like there are portions of the dungeon.png file that didn't make it over to the RPGMaker version (specifically the brown/purple cave walls)

finalbossblues 7 years ago

@gryffonx An older version of the pack was missing that file by mistake-- I'll take a look and see if I can update it to include it. For now send me an email on timefantasy.net and I'll send that to you.

bamesser00 6 years ago

Date: 48 years 19 days ago.... lol wtf

schrodinger 1 year ago

I must be completely blind, but I can't seem to find the transition" tiles

finalbossblues 7 years ago

@schrodinger Hi. send me an email on timefantasy.net and I'll take a look. Thanks . :)

Axenation 1 year ago

@finalbossblues Hi, I ran into a problem with your tileset's format while using the Tiled" map editor. The issue I'm having is the tileset format for certain tiles follows the 8x8 format instead of 16x16. I just noticed one of the people above had a similar issue with different tiles as well. Is there any chance you can update the files to include the format needed for the Tilled map editor as well

finalbossblues 8 years ago

@Axenation Ya that's because of the way RPGMaker formats its autotiles. There will be an update in the future that has full tiles. I've redone maybe half of them so far but have been busy-- send me an email on my website and I'll send you what I have so far.

bhimz 4 years ago

are these tileset and all other time fantasy series sprites are only allowed to use in RPGMAKER MV, or can I use it in any other game engine like Unity etc.?

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Fantasy RPG Tileset Pack

Avg : 5( 1  review )

Handcrafted by finalbossblues


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Technical Details

Name Value
Version 62417
Last updated June 30, 2017
Included formats png
Created in GraphicsGale
File size 2.46 MB
Changelog MAJOR UPDATE: New house tiles! - This update improves the houses and buildings that can be made with the Time Fantasy graphics. - In addition to being visually updated, they are vastly more flexible, allowing for a wider variety of houses to be crafted out of these tiles, including multiple stories and mix-and-match roof shapes. - There are three new object-layer tilesets: updated house bases, ruined house bases, and improved rooftops. - The rooftops come in 6 different colors. Also: Most of the tilesets have been re-organized to include some extra tiles and small improvements. This includes the updated autotiles from the previous update, which were originally includes as a separate sheet, but have now been incorporated into the main tilesets.

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