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Member Spotlight – ZerinLabs

Spanish 3D creator, ZerinLabs, is the latest Member Spotlight focus. Joining GameDev Market in 2020, they have a great selection of 3D environment creation asset packs listed on their store page.

Check out their full listings or take a look at their Featured Creator Bundle.

GDM Username:  ZerinLabs

42 and counting…


Developer, Asset Creator, or are you a bit of both?

A bit of both 🙂 I’ve been on the gaming industry (professionally) for more than 15 years now but I’ve been always in love with game development since the first time I played a videogame back in the 80’s

Full Time, Part Time, or Hobby?

Part time. I love creating assets but selling them is tricky so, for me it is a secondary income source.
and, in fact, one that I really enjoy 😛

How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been creating art for video games on one or another way almost my entire life (since I was 13 or 14 and before the “indie” term even existed) But I’m actually selling my assets since 2019 or so

What made you become a dev/artist?

I’m absolutely fascinated with video game development. 

To me providing creative assets is like providing lego pieces to people. I really enjoy fostering creativity and giving tools to unleash the imagination of creators.

Favourite software/tools to use? 

Tons of them! But the ones that I use the most are 3dsmax + photoshop.

What’s one tip you would give to someone starting out?

Be patient, understand who is your audience and understand what they want and need.

Take your time to promote your work… it is really hard but it will pay off in time!

How do you promote your work (games or assets)? 

Social networks specially: Usually twitter (@ZerinLABS) is where I’m most active
but a bit of instagram and youtube as a video support for our product ads/trailers

What project are you working on now?
Now I’m working on a new line of products inspired on voxel/cube worlds like minecraft but with a huge twist on visuals.
I would describe it as cube assets on steroids 😛

Any completed projects/work you want to promote?
All of them! But I’m especially proud of my top-down retro-environment-kits product line
Here some screenshots:


Favourite game ever & why?

All the classics from nintendo specially: Zelda, Super Mario and Metroid for instance… all of them have an execution that is simply perfect.

Castlevania, specially Symphony of the night, keeps a very special place in my heart too.

And of course… Quake IMO it was the greatest FPS ever! First one in 3d and that grim dark atmosphere and soundtrack, still gives me chills! 😀

But honestly still today I’m playing a lot and there are plenty of GREAT games. One of the last ones I really enjoyed was “deaths door” for nintendo switch.


You can connect with ZerinLabs


Check out some of ZerinLabs’ assets…

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