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GDM Guide – How To Get Included In Our Bundles

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Over the last few years we’ve run a number of asset bundles on Humble Bundle, as well as putting together our own internal collections available within the Asset Bundles section of the site. 

Whether it’s been a genre specific set of assets such as the RPG bundles we’ve put together or an all encompassing audio bundle, each one is not only a great opportunity for game developers to get their hands on a huge amount of assets at a massively discounted price, it also gives the included asset creators opportunity to get a lot of sales and exposure in a short time.

But how do we go about selecting which assets are going to be included in our bundles?

Read on to find out…

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There’s always a number of factors that come into consideration for our bundles, whether being published on a 3rd party website or internally, but the below are the top 3 things that can be decisive in whether your assets could be included in any future promotions.

Asset Quality…

This is a no brainer, but to be included within any of our bundles, assets need to be of a high enough quality to be able to attract potential buyers and slot as seamlessly as possible into their projects.

The initial thing this will be based on is obviously the visuals in the cover/gallery image or in the sample track for audio assets, so it’s really important to make sure these match your assets in terms of quality and relevance.

We also carry out further checks on asset files as well, to make sure all advertised formats are still included and to check file/folder structuring doesn’t make things difficult for buyers.

Asset Compatibility…

As well as looking for high quality assets, having a number of assets that are all in a similar design/audio style, meaning they can easily be used together, will also give a much better chance of them being selected for potential inclusion.

This is especially the case with large packs of assets, we will always generally favour asset creators that have items listed that contain packs of themed assets, such as a large character pack or a full environment tileset. If there are multiple large packs listed by one creator that all tie in together, then it gives an even better chance of being selected.

The compatibility factor is always an important one, with different creators being selected there is always going to be some variation in styles, so including multiple assets from the same person gives much more utility to the bundle as a whole. 

Be Accessible…

The final point is the simplest to follow, but is also a surprisingly common occurrence!

Whenever we put a bundle together, we always try to make sure to give asset creators who have never been previously included a chance to have their assets make up part of whatever new theme we’re running. However, there are always at least 2-3 sellers that we try to contact that we get no response from.

Now, whether the reason for this is due to incorrect email contact details on someones account, language barriers as a result of our global audience or our emails to sellers simply going to spam, if we don’t get a response from a seller then we can’t include their assets, meaning a missed opportunity.

So to round off, if you upload a good selection of high-quality assets, which work well together and include larger asset packs, then you’ll give yourself a good chance of us getting in touch about a future bundle promotion being put together.

Just remember to reply to our email!

GDM Team

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