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Fill your game with original characters of all kinds with this big set of 4-directional sprites. Over 100 characters, 900+ sprites in total. Tiny, Tiny Heroes - Armies contains: Humans:
  • 4 Bases in 2 variants
  • 3 Medieval Factions with 12 unique characters each - Warriors, Archers, Priests and Peasants
  • Exotic Faction with 4 unique Warriors
  • 4 Bases in 2 variants
  • 4 unique characters - Warriors and Shamans, in 2 variants
Elves & Trolls:
  • 4 Bases in 2 varaints for each race
  • Base in 4 variants
  • 3 unique Demon Skeletons
  • 3 Undead Warriors
  • 4 Factions with 3 unique characters each - Warriors and Mages
  • 4 Zombies
  • 2 Demons in 2 variants
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Tiny, Tiny Heroes - Armies

Handcrafted by ThKaspar


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Technical Details

Name Value
Version 1.2
Last updated August 25, 2023
Included formats PNG
Created in GIMP
File size 101.46 KB
Changelog - Added Elven faction in three variants - Added pig and boar

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crispyghost 6 years ago

Hello again! I purchased this graphic pack a few weeks ago and I love it. What are the terms of the license that you are selling them under? I assumed that I can include them royalty-free in a commercial game: is that correct? What about promotional material for the game? Thanks again!

ThKaspar 6 years ago

@crispyghost Please see Licensing" section on GameDevMarket. The Pro license is the license you have and It should clarify all of your questions. :)"

crispyghost 6 years ago

@ThKaspar Thanks for your quick response! I read through the license. I'm concerned about the Derivative Work clause in 6.2. It says that all rights to derivative work are assigned to the seller. If I use your character base pack, draw clothes and hair and such over your base, is that a derivative work and therefore an asset that you own? It also sounds like the license doesn't allow me to post screenshots that include your assets (4.2 b and c).

ThKaspar 5 years ago

@crispyghost Clause 6.2 protects only from reselling modified assets as a new" asset pack. You keep all the rights to the game that uses bought assets.

crispyghost 6 years ago

@ThKaspar Thanks again for your fast response! I wrote an email to GDM with some questions. But, just to make sure, it's okay with you if I post gifs and screenshots featuring this character pack?

ThKaspar 6 years ago

@crispyghost Yes, with my understanding of the license - you can.

crispyghost 6 years ago

These look great! Quick question -- are there attack and death animations for the units or just 4-directional walking?

crispyghost 6 years ago

I just did some math and if there are 110 characters, then each having a 3-frame animation for walking in 3 directions would account for all of the sprites that you mention above. Is there any chance that you could release a package with 9 or 10 sprite animations (for attacking, dying, etc, similar to for some of these units?

ThKaspar 6 years ago

@crispyghost This pack has a different core idea than the Base pack - the goal was to create a lot of minor characters for projects that require a lot of units (strategy/tactic, rogue-like, jrpg). All characters fit into 16x16 pixels frame (with their weapons!) which does not leave much room for animation. As a result the walk animation is the only one I found realisticly possible to create for these units. :)

crispyghost 6 years ago

Haha, yeah, that totally makes sense. They do look fantastic!

diegocbarboza 6 years ago

Hey, I just bought this, but I was under the impression that it would come with the .psd file like the free Micro Character Bases" asset. I was very bummed to see its just a plain spritesheet. Is there a way to provide the .psd file? Thanks."

ThKaspar 6 years ago

@diegocbarboza Neither PSD, nor XCF files were added because there wasn't really a need for that. Sprites are separate and there are no layers here. You can send me an email - kac.wozniak[at]gmail[dot]com explaining more, I'll try to help as I can and maybe It will add something new to the pack. :)


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Rating:  5.0 / 5.0

Very cool art-style and the author is really helpful!

diegocbarboza - 6 years ago

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