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Get ready to add a touch of thrill and excellence to your mobile game projects with our complete edition of Stylize Vehicles! This delightful collection features total 80 (20VEH with 4 Upgrades) charming and first class cars, perfect for creating an engaging and visually appealing experience in your hypercasual games.

Key Features:
🚗 80 Heavy Cars: Our pack includes a diverse assortment of superb, low-poly vehicles, each with its own unique personality. From tiny compact cars to zippy sports cars, you'll find the perfect fit for any scenario in your game. 

🚗 4 Upgrades Variation: Each vehicle in our collection boasts four visually stunning upgrade variations, offering a diverse array of options for customizing your next thrilling project with our intuitive upgrade system.

🌈 Stylized Toon Aesthetics: These 3D models are designed with a charming toony style, featuring vibrant colors and playful designs that will instantly captivate your players and add a dash of whimsy to your game world.

📱 Mobile-Optimized: We've optimized these 3D models for mobile games, ensuring that they perform seamlessly on a wide range of devices while keeping the file sizes low.

💥 Perfect for Hypercasual Games: Whether you're developing a high-speed racing game, a parking puzzle, or any other hypercasual mobile game, our super cars will fit right in and elevate the overall gaming experience.

🛠️ Easy to Implement: Integrating these models into your game is a breeze. With their user-friendly design and organized file structure, you'll be up and running in no time.

📦 Texture Color Palette: Each vehicle is equipped with single texture color palette for easy-peasy color customization. Sweet and Super!!!

🔧 Customization Options: Feel free to customize the cars to match your game's unique requirements, from adjusting colors to resizing - the possibilities are endless.

📦 Unity Package Included: Unity developers, rejoice! We've included a Unity package with these 3D models, streamlining the integration process and saving you valuable development time.

Technical Details:

Textures dimensions: 64px, 256px
Total Textures: 20 (One for each vehicle)
Material: Single + Emission (Per Vehicle)
Number of models/prefabs: 80
UV mapping: Yes

Polygon counts:

VEH1-A: 8144 polygons
VEH1-B: 8474 polygons
VEH1-C: 9216 polygons
VEH1-D: 9692 polygons

VEH2-A: 9056 polygons
VEH2-B: 11886 polygons
VEH2-C: 14178 polygons
VEH2-D: 14706 polygons

VEH3-A: 10062 polygons
VEH3-B: 16172 polygons
VEH3-C: 16328 polygons
VEH3-D: 18000 polygons

VEH4-A: 8456 polygons
VEH4-B: 9100 polygons
VEH4-C: 9842 polygons
VEH4-D: 10446 polygons

VEH5-A: 10890 polygons
VEH5-B: 16182 polygons
VEH5-C: 18294 polygons
VEH5-D: 19246 polygons

VEH6-A: 21140 polygons
VEH6-B: 23112 polygons
VEH6-C: 25304 polygons
VEH6-D: 26528 polygons

VEH7-A: 7972 polygons
VEH7-B: 15720 polygons
VEH7-C: 16008 polygons
VEH7-D: 16520 polygons

VEH8-A: 7882 polygons
VEH8-B: 9028 polygons
VEH8-C: 9228 polygons
VEH8-D: 11388 polygons

VEH9-A: 11020 polygons
VEH9-B: 15758 polygons
VEH9-C: 21282 polygons
VEH9-D: 23810 polygons

VEH10-A: 11508 polygons
VEH10-B: 18978 polygons
VEH10-C: 25756 polygons
VEH10-D: 29876 polygons

VEH11-A: 9166 polygons
VEH11-B: 15618 polygons
VEH11-C: 17172 polygons
VEH11-D: 18550 polygons

VEH12-A: 8350 polygons
VEH12-B: 14796 polygons
VEH12-C: 15812 polygons
VEH12-D: 17550 polygons

VEH13-A: 8692 polygons
VEH13-B: 11140 polygons
VEH13-C: 12426 polygons
VEH13-D: 13872 polygons

VEH14-A: 8128 polygons
VEH14-B: 8936 polygons
VEH14-C: 9670 polygons
VEH14-D: 11360 polygons

VEH15-A: 7414 polygons
VEH15-B: 10562 polygons
VEH15-C: 11572 polygons
VEH15-D: 12428 polygons

VEH16-A: 8236 polygons
VEH16-B: 10030 polygons
VEH16-C: 12048 polygons
VEH16-D: 14596 polygons

VEH17-A: 7950 polygons
VEH17-B: 9552 polygons
VEH17-C: 10204 polygons
VEH17-D: 10748 polygons

VEH18-A: 6750 polygons
VEH18-B: 7988 polygons
VEH18-C: 9140 polygons
VEH18-D: 9568 polygons

VEH19-A: 10390 polygons
VEH19-B: 11152 polygons
VEH19-C: 14376 polygons
VEH19-D: 15510 polygons

VEH20-A: 9622 polygons
VEH20-B: 13362 polygons
VEH20-C: 14046 polygons
VEH20-D: 14790 polygons

Give your mobile game the visual flair it deserves with our Low Poly Complete Edition of Vehicles Pack. Whether you're a seasoned game developer or just starting, this asset will help you create a captivating and memorable gaming experience that players won't be able to resist.

Start your journey to mobile gaming success today! Download our Low Poly Complete Edition of Vehicles Pack and inject a dose of super potential into your games.

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Stylize Vehicles - Complete Edition

Handcrafted by ZeroGrid

$89.00   $71.20

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Technical Details

Name Value
Version 1.0
Last updated January 23, 2024
Included formats fbx, png, unitypackage
Created in Blender, Maya
File size 84.57 MB
Changelog N/A
Poly count 611000
UV Mapped

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