RPG Monsters

Technical Details

Version V2.0 (Last updated 12/11/2016)
Included formats .png
Created in Photoshop
Sprite Yes


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NightBR LVL 1

Feb 5th '17 23:38  

make some animations, I will be glad to buy it

bluegiger LVL 1

Jan 24th '17 09:35  

Awesome sprites. If you had animations (even if available for extra), even just basic 3-4 frame ones, you'd have a sale in a snap

Zick LVL 1

Jan 13th '17 03:00  

hi, does this pack have animations for the monsters?

Hyptosis LVL 9

Jan 13th '17 12:31  

No sir, they are stand alone, single .png images. Thanks! Good luck with your project. ^_^


Awsome Sprites

Awesome sprites. Just what I am looking for. Wish you did more in this same fantasy style. At 5 dollars that was an absolute bargain. id be willing to pay more if you created more!!

Posted by Maxipower about V2.0 on 24th Mar 23:06