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the asset includes 355 objects, of which:   transport ?   motorcycle bike, truck (x4), fighter, SUV, fighter, bomber, passenger plane   people ?‍♂️ mechanic (x2), general (x2), soldier (x2), officer, policeman, doctor, nurse, pilot, secretary   earth ?   airfield (x3), funnel (x2), nest, road (x7), mountain (x5), grass (x3), earth (x10), patch (x3), garden bed   plants ?   log tree (x4), pineapple, water lily (x4), bush (x3), tree (x4), olive tree, clover, grass, shrub (x3), crushed grass (x2), grass (x7), banana palm, palm (x6)   props?   broken fighter (x3), toilet, bunker, dug-in garage, command post, trench (x7), barricade (x4), hospital, tower, tower with a bomb, hangar, crane, trailer, searchlight, hose (x4), bomb trailer, pile, air defense, anti-tank gun, tent (x4), baricade (x13), piano, workbench, sea mine, flagpole, fire, cabinet (x5), books (x3), wooden table, bench, stretcher, balloon (x3), anti-tank hedgehog, rack, rack with bombs, prop, hairdressing chair, logs (x3), sawmill, water column, container, fire extinguisher, compressor, radio station, compact station, dryer (x5), radio, bomb, rack, bunk, chair, coffin (x3), sleeves (x6), stove bench, atomic momba, battery, coil, oil tank, stepladder, ladder (x2), target, flooring, tail stand, shelf, burnt out barrel, shower, gas station, barrels, barrel (x3 ), oil pan, fuel tank, pipe, thunderphone, box of soda, bottle of colla, box of potatoes, box of beets, box of tomatoes, box of corn, box of cabbage, box with peppers, a crate with eggplant, a crate with carrots, a crate with pineapples, a paint brush (x3), a can of paint (x6), a stopper, bears (x7), a tray with tools (x2), a crate (x3), a crate with ammunition (x9), cigarette, hair clipper, baton, knife, sweets (x2), sledgehammer, tablet, binoculars, camera (x2), tube of paste, clothes, garrison cap, paper (x3), pencil, flashlight, pointer (x12 ), ammunition, cartridge case, mine, warning, jack, toolbox, bucket (x4), wash, stool, field kitchen, double boiler, food container, stand, food tray (x2), saucepan (x2), oven (x2), helmet, flamethrower, lantern, burner, oil can, ax, pickaxe, shovel (x2), container with porridge (x2), pilgrim, table knife, fork, flash drive, washstand, plate of food (x3), mug ( x2), bread (x2), canister   the total number of polygons in the project is 551361. In addition, 2-1024х1024 images were used, the number of materials was 5
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POLY aerodrome

Handcrafted by ARST


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Technical Details

Name Value
Version 1
Last updated October 26, 2022
Included formats fbx, meta, mat, png, unity
Created in cinema 4 d demoscene made in unity
File size 22.18 MB
Changelog N/A
Poly count 551361
UV Mapped

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