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  • Number of animations: 193
  • Number of frames: 1930

I will refer to animations as "a", frames as "f" and mention if the animation has loop or not


  • Buff (1a, 16f, no)
  • Air I (1a, 12f, yes)
  • Air II (1a, 14f, yes)
  • Air III (2a, 39f, yes)
  • Daze (1a, 11f, yes)
  • Breath (1a, 21f, no)
  • Tornado (1a, 17f, yes)
  • Fly (7a, 43f, yes)



  • Buff (1a, 16f, no)
  • Cloud I (1a, 10f, yes)
  • Cloud II (1a, 14f, yes)
  • Cloud III (1a, 9f, no)
  • Cloud Control (3a, 17f, yes)
  • Mount (4a, 21f, yes)
  • Screen (2a, 19f, yes)
  • S.O.S (4a, 15f, yes)



  • Buff (1a, 16f, no)
  • Dark I (1a, 14f, yes)
  • Dark II (1a, 15f, yes)
  • Dark III (4a, 52f, yes)
  • Seeker (1a, 32f, no)
  • Doom (2a, 34f, yes)
  • Sorrow (1a, 17f, yes)
  • Demon Ritual (4a, 39f, yes)



  • Buff (1a, 16f, no)
  • Earth I (1a, 15f, yes)
  • Earth II (4a, 20f, no)
  • Earth III (1a, 23f, yes)
  • Golem (12a, 89f, yes)
  • Rockfall 6a, 36f, no)
  • Stomp (4a, 45f, no)
  • Wall (1a, 13f, no)



  • Buff (1a, 16f, no)
  • Debugg (1a, 8f, yes)
  • Fire I (1a, 15f, yes)
  • Fire II (6a, 126f, no)
  • Fire III (4a, 47f, yes)
  • Bomb (2a, 21f, yes)
  • Incendiary (1a, 16f, no)
  • Meteors (5a, 55f, yes)
  • Napalm (3a, 23f, no)



  • Buff (2a, 24f, no)
  • Holy I (1a, 10f, yes)
  • Holy II (1a, 14f, yes)
  • Holy III (1a, 12f, yes)
  • Faith (1a, 8f, no)
  • Devotion (3a, 20f, no)
  • Resurrection (1a, 21f, no)
  • Angel (9a, 67f, yes)



  • Buff (1a, 16f, no)
  • Ice I (1a, 12f, yes)
  • Ice II (4a, 28f, no)
  • Ice III (10a, 62f, no)
  • Shard (1a, 9f, yes)
  • Freeze (3a, 15f, no)
  • Snow (5a, 17f, no)
  • Blizzard (6a, 18f, no)



  • Buff (1a, 16f, no)
  • Lightning I (1a, 14f, yes)
  • Lightning II (1a, 6f, no)
  • Lightning III (1a, 8f, yes)
  • Chain (1a, 37f, yes)
  • Shock (1a, 5f, no)
  • Thunder I (3a, 12f, no)
  • Thunder II (3a, 21f, yes)



  • Buff (1a, 16f, no)
  • Nature I (1a, 12f, yes)
  • Nature II (1a, 17f, yes)
  • Nature III (3a, 21f, yes)
  • Sentry (5a, 34f, yes)
  • Trap (3a, 46f, no)
  • Tree (1a, 19f, no)
  • Forestry (1a, 17f, no)



  • Buff (1a, 16f, no)
  • Water I (1a, 15f, yes)
  • Water II (2a, 22f, yes)
  • Water III (1a, 21f, yes)
  • Drown (1a, 24f, yes)
  • Bubble (1a, 17f, yes)
  • Pop (6a, 38f, no)
  • Wave (1a, 16f, yes)



  • Spritesheet is provided
  • Single PNG files for every item is provided.


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Pixel FX Mega Pack

Handcrafted by Admurin


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Version 1
Last updated October 24, 2023
Included formats png, gif, aseprite, txt
Created in Aseprite
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