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This template can be used as a game base to create a Turn Based game like the famous Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre: Reborn, Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena, PoxNora, Hadean Tactics, Disgaea... IN UNITY ENGINE



  • This asset is not recommended for beginners. Its important to have good C# knowledge to create an entire solid game using this template.

This template include:

  1. Tilemap/Grid System ✔️
  2. Move System ✔️
  3. State Machines ✔️
  4. "Dynamic" UI ✔️
  5. Pathfinding ✔️
  6. Addressables ✔️
  7. Skill System ✔️
  8. Job System ✔️
  9. Level Up / Job Change ✔️
  10. Items and Equipments ✔️
  11. AI Strategies ✔️
  12. Push Skill Prototype ✔️
  13. Mobile Adaptation ✔️

My Discord => Dr.Carvalho#2557

My Email => [email protected]


⚔️ Grid


- I made a simple tutorial with images teaching you how to create your own isometric tile maps using the Unity Palettes system. Its possible also to create 3 different floors, but you must take to care because more floors could be more complex to deal with. In the tutorial I am also explained some possible ways to deal with some floors and obstacles that can cross in front or behind the unit characters in an unwanted way and how you can create insurmountable obstacles.


⚔️ Move System


- A logic board was created based on the grid that allows, among other things, the placement and movement of our character units.


- A "jump" and move system from tile to another using linear interpolators like the "tweeners" tools and also respecting the obstacles, the Z as Y approach and the height/sorting of the floors.


⚔️ Addressables


- To set the adressables groups is pretty easy now. You just need to create all the labels you will use for the jobs/animations/directions and select all the sprites that you will associate with this (or these) label(s) (more details/images in tutorial)


- You just need to remember that in this system you need organize / rename the sprites in the right order sequence like I did with my sprites using Mulligan Renamer free asset.


⚔️ Job system


- You can create new Jobs very fast and easy (if you have the sprites already done ^^).

- There are 5 jobs examples: FireMageTemplarPaladinDemon and Angel.

- The Units also have an Experience/Level Up/Job Change systems to evolve and became a new Job.


⚔️ Skill System


-Create new skills is also very easy but to make more complex skills (out of the system) can be hard if you don't have solid C# base. For example, I am started with one friend a push skill prototype, wich you can test in a simple scene I saved.


In this system you can select:

  1. skill range
  2. different kinds of area damage like, single target, expanding specific area, line skill area and cone range skill area
  3. Who will be affected by the skill (ally or enemy)
  4. primary and secondary effects like: heal + positive status, or damage + negative status
  5. VFX for target with delay
  6. VFX for hit (if the attack is not missed or blocked) with delay too
  7. SFX also with delay for skills that need more time to finish the VFX
  8. And some more stuffs like skill cost, damage modifierselemental modifiers, more chance to hit, set specific animation for that skill and skill icon.

Some examples of skills I created are:

  1. Buff skills like: AngelAura (+1 move and regen effect), SelfMultilation (takes a small amount of damage to himself and receive buff in physical attacks), FireBuff (Burn + AttackUp), Restore (Heal + Regen), Bless (Move +1 + Bless effect(buff in some stats)).
  2. Damage Skills like: Hawk Eye (meele damage impossible to block), Divine Punishment and FireBreath (cone skills area damage), HolyHammer (Line skill area damage), FireBall and Stasis Sword (ranged skills with specific area damage), FireSiege and CrushPunch (Single area damage / range), NormalSwordAttackBiteNormalSpearAttackPerfuration (melee attack with negative infliction stats (Bleed)) , PoisonBomb and more.
  3. Removing negative stats skills: Esuna and EsunaPotion (potions prefabs can use skills to work in a similar way but they are comsumable)
  4. Status changes examples I made are: AttackUP (Bonus to physical and Magical attack), MoveChange (Add or subtract move), BlessEffect (changes in many character job stats), ReinforceDefense, but you can create your own specific status too. And also you can create elemental modifiers like firethunderice or weapon modifiers and Job modifiers like a sword that has additional damage against mages or armor more resistent against fire based skills.


⚔️ AI Behaviours


- Its very easy to create new AI behaviours accordingly to the Jobs, behaviour for a group of similar Jobs or even if you need to make some new skill test and want a behaviour to just spam that skill all the time.


- You can create a line history choosing:

  1. specific skill in this order
  2. randomically skill from a list of 2-5 skills (or more if you edit the scripts related)
  3. randomic ally skill target
  4. and randomically enemy skill target


⚔️ Dependencies

Not direct dependencies but used to create and rename the sprites used in this asset from 3D models that I created:

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Final Fantasy Tactics Like Battle (Isometric)

Handcrafted by carvalholo


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