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This pack contains a diverse collection of soaring melodies and mystical harmonies. Journey to otherworldly landscapes with ethereal choirs, epic orchestral battles, and captivating arrangements.


Eternal Odyssey (EO) was composed to serve as a collection of diverse tracks within the fantasy/action-rpg/adventure genres. Rather than a pack with a narrow scope that only focuses on one game context (battle, or dungeon music, etc...), this pack has a little bit of everything. This makes EO a great starting point for your game music, so you don't have to purchase a dozen different packs to get a project off the ground.


The pack is organized into 4 main folders:

  • "Full Tracks" contains 6 full non-looping music tracks.

  • "Full Track Loops" contains 12 seemless looping tracks, all of which are either reductions or variations on the original 6 full tracks. You'll find that these tracks are not simply copies of the originals, but have instead been reworked to better fit a looping style, and in some cases have new musical material altogether.

  • "Short Tracks" contains 6 additional standalone seemless looping tracks, but do not have variations.

  • "Stingers & Effects" is a bonus folder filled with short snippets of music/sound effects that serve to highlight a key moment in game; such as, "Success, Failure, Eerie, etc..."



(SL = Seamless Looping; N = Non-Looping)

Full Tracks:

  • Ambush [1:52] (N)

  • Among The Dryads [2:41] (N)

  • Celestiel Cathedral [3:47] (N)

  • Labyrinth [4:02] (N)

  • Water Temple [3:24] (N)

  • Windswept Plains [2:52] (N)

Full Track Loops:

  • Ambush Loop 1 [0:32] (SL)

  • Ambush Loop 2 [0:32] (SL)

  • Among The Dryads Loop 1 [1:00] (SL)

  • Among The Dryads Loop 2 [1:00] (SL)

  • Celestiel Cathedral Loop 1 [1:00] (SL)

  • Celestiel Cathedral Loop 2 [1:00] (SL)

  • Labyrinth Loop 1 [1:00] (SL)

  • Labyrinth Loop 2 [1:00] (SL)

  • Water Temple Loop 1 [1:00] (SL)

  • Water Temple Loop 2 [1:00] (SL)

  • Windswept Plains Loop 1 [1:19] (SL)

  • Windswept Plains Loop 2 [0:53] (SL) 

Short Tracks:

  • A Violent Encounter [1:06] (SL)

  • Market Town [1:20] (SL)

  • Reprieve [1:30] (SL)

  • Sacred Ritual [1:22] (SL)

  • Shadows Beckon [1:20] (SL)

  • Sinister Intentions [1:30] (SL)


  • Eerie 1

  • Eerie 2

  • Failure 1 (Death)

  • Failure 2 (Objective)

  • Menu 1 (Navigation)

  • Menu 2 (Select)

  • Neutral 1

  • Neutral 2

  • Ominous

  • Success 1 (Discovery)

  • Success 2 (Mission Progress)

  • Success 3 (Level Up)

Music Quality:

Eternal Odyssey was created with industry-leading software used in professional studios worldwide, each track delivers a polished, high-quality sound, elevating your game to new heights of immersion.


**If you'd like to learn more about Andrew or his ongoing projects, visit

Technical Details:

24 Original stereo WAV music tracks (16-bit / 44.1kHz)
350MB compressed
398MB uncompressed

40 Minutes of music
6 non-looping tracks
18 seamlessly loopable tracks
12 Bonus stingers
36 audio files in total

Royalty-Free license

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Author Details

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Active Since: February 2024

Published Products: 1

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Eternal Odyssey - Fantasy Action RPG Music

Handcrafted by AndrewChambersMusic

$50.00   $40.00

(VAT may apply)

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Technical Details

Name Value
Version 1.0.0
Last updated February 8, 2024
Included formats Wav
Created in Ableton Live
File size 350.87 MB
Changelog N/A
Duration 00:40:00
Loops seamlessly
Bitrate 1411
Sample rate 44100

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