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This pack offers adaptive music assets for vertical and horizontal integration for your RPG, FPS, shooter videogame project.

All tracks listed below containing LP are LOOPS. All tracks under the same number e.g. 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 together form one music collection with adaptive capabilities outlined in the description below:

1. Main Titles (LP)
2.1 Intro block
2.2 Exploration (LP)
2.3 Outro block
3.1 Ambient (LP)
3.2 Exploration (LP)
3.3 Battle (LP)
4.1 Ambient Layer (LP)
4.2 Exploration Layer (LP)
4.3 Battle Layer (LP)
6.1 (Theme
6.2 Variation 1
6.3 Variation 2
6.4 Variation 3
6.5 Variation 4
7.1 Battle Chunk 1
7.2 Battle Chunk 2
7.3 Battle Chunk 3
7.4 Battle Chunk 4
7.5 Battle Chunk 5

You will find 7 collections totalling 23 music assets (.WAV and .MP3 files).

A summary of each is given below:

1 - Main Titles

This is the main title track which is a LOOP and can be used over menus or intro cinematics

2 - Pathing

This set consists of an intro block, a LOOP for the exploration music and an outro block. The intro and outro blocks play ONCE each while the exploration block is loopable

3 - Mapped layers

This set consist of 3 distinct music assets (Ambient, Exploration and Battle). Each is a LOOP and can either be implemented individually, or for a more sophisticated music engine you can crossfade between the 3 tracks and the game seemlessly transition from ambient to exploration to battle and back again i.e. at any time only ONE of the 3 layers is playing

4 - Additive layers

This set consists of 3 music assets (Ambient, Exploration, Battle). Each is a LOOP and can be implemented individually, or for a more sophisticated music engine the 3 layers can be played together in different combinations to create more complex assets i.e. at any time ONE OR MORE of the 3 layers can be playing depending on hw the game chooses to fade each layer in

5 - Stingers

This collection consists of 3 music assets STINGERS. One for LOSE, one for WIN and one additional which can be used for health or power.

6 - Theme and variation

This collection consists of 1 Main Theme and 4 short 15 second variations on the theme. These assets are NOT loops. The Theme can play at the start of a level to introduce the environment/quest/challenge. Then the 4 shorter variations can be triggered at random points during the level to create short bursts of music which callback to the theme which played at the start of the level. This allows for more breathing room for sound design and level ambience to come through

7 - Chunks

This collection consists of 5 music asset CHUNKS. These can be played back in any random order and remains a coherent piece of music. This is a very powerful asset as it is aimed at battles or more intense sections of a game. Given 5 chunks these can be ordered into 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120 different combinations and thus sound different each time a player hears this asset combination. Individual chunks can be LOOPED, however given that each chunk is under 30sec they should instead be used in combinations to increase the LOOP length and ensure there is enough variation within a single loopable chunk. For best results the music engine should fade out the last chunk played before gameplay moves on to the next level.

All FIles (44.1kHz 16bit)

Format .WAV and .MP3

Stereo files ONLY

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Dark Shadows - Adaptive Music Pack

Handcrafted by WikusVanDerHoven


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Technical Details

Name Value
Version 1.0.0
Last updated April 10, 2023
Included formats .WAV, .MP3
Created in Pro Tools/Cubase
File size 326.07 MB
Changelog N/A
Duration 00:22:50
Loops seamlessly
Bitrate 16
Sample rate 44.1

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