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Premium Quality orchestral pieces for your Dark Fantasy Game World - performed by award-winning musicians. Rich instrumentation, unique and memorable themes – all you need to give your project an AAA budget production feel.

>>Listen on YouTube<<
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Inspired by some iconic pieces from the most famous Action-RPG series created in such setting. Every Boss Battle track comes in various versions including intros, outros, bridges, stingers and perfect loops to match with in-game boss encounters. They are easily adjustable to the specific needs of your gameplay whether it’s a one-phase duel or multiple stages of battle.


Links for video tutorials (Unreal Engine 5 - Metasounds):
>>Easy Method - Responsive Transitions<<  [Recommended] (II Phases)
>>Easy Method - Clear Transition<<  [Recommended] (II Phases)
>>Very Easy Method<<  (I Phase)


Links for tutorials using Wwise:
>>Music Stitching Logic setup - Easy - Responsive Transitions<< [Recommended] (II Phases)


Distinctive compositions make every Boss encounter an emotional and memorable experience. Extensive instrumentation filled with live performances creates an unparalleled feeling of the rich orchestral sound. It brings you the tension and immersion of an AAA+ budget Dark Fantasy games that we all have learned to love and hate.

 These are not just some generic tracks but a full music design for a whole game. Each piece tells a different story and creates a strong attachment to the events it is going to be placed with.

The music package is organized in folders by the track's difficulty of gameplay implementation.

It usually comes in 3 variants:

Very Easy - containing only intro, main loop (with it's connector layer) and outro
Easy - containing intro, at least 2 loopable parts (for different phases of battle), optional stingers and transitions, outro
Intermediate - containing intro, at least 3 loopable parts, all possible variants of stingers and transitions, outro

Important Note: To make the best use of this package it is highly recommended to work on it using FMOD/WWISE or METASOUNDS (if you use Unreal Engine 5).


Technical Details:



  • 10 unique orchestral pieces made into 346 music files, organized and prepared for basic and advanced music stitching. It covers every possible scenario of in-game boss battles and more.
  • Recordings of professional musicians - all virtuosos of their instruments and voices
  • Professionally mixed and mastered tracks in one of the best music production studios from Poland
  • NO CHEAP SOUNDS - every composition is unique, distinctive and memorable
  • Designed in spirit of the most famous soundtracks from Demon's Souls and Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, Elden Ring, Diablo and more...
  • All files are exported in flawless quality: sample rate - 44,100 Hz and bit depth - 24 bit


Number of original music pieces: 10
Number of all Audio Wavs: 346
Number of all Audio Cues: 346
Sample rate / bit depth: 44,100 Hz / 24 bit
Does music loop: (Mixed)
Minutes of audio from original music pieces: 30:38'
Minutes of all audio provided: 187 min (03:07:08')
Tested Platforms: Windows


Documentation: Dark Fantasy Boss Battles - Music Stitching Guidance (Detailed description of music stitching logic for specific Boss Battle scenarios)


We will happily answer any questions! Please contact us through: [email protected]

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ifxemagine 11 months ago

Hi BT Loops Please can you tell me if these tracks are usable in short films. I am doing a Medieval animation with Unreal Engine and composing the clips in an editor but I buy it in GDM website I would like to use and add them directly in my Da Vinci editor. Are your tracks only for Unreal Engine or are they in a form of Music clip tracks (waves , Aiff or MP3) you can edit in any editor like FCP or Da Vinci or else. Actually they are beautiful. Thank you

BTLOOPS 11 months ago

Hello, Thank you for taking interest in our works, we are happy you like the music! On GDM store all the files are exported in WAV formats, so they can be easily edited. All the tracks in the package are provided with full uncut versions of the music as well as optional edits. We can also prepare other music formats (i.e. mp3), but we recommend using the uncompressed ones, especially for cinematic purposes! PS. Unreal Engine allows you to export audio assets as WAV format, even though they have .uasset extension in engine :)

ifxemagine 11 months ago

Thank you so much for your prompt Answer. In the way to buy it. Wishing to find more music from you in the future. all the best.

BTLOOPS 11 months ago

Thank you so much for choosing to purchase our music! We sincerely appreciate your support. We are thrilled to announce that we will have more music available in the very near future. We are currently hard at work, creating new music packs that are in advanced stages of production. Once you have the opportunity to incorporate our tracks into your project, we would love to see the results! Please feel free to share your creations or let us know the type of music you would like to hear from us next. Your feedback holds great value for us. Thank you once again for your purchase, and we extend our best wishes for your future endeavors.

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Dark Fantasy Boss Battles - Premium Music Collection

Handcrafted by BTLOOPS


(VAT may apply)

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Technical Details

Name Value
Version 1.0
Last updated April 22, 2023
Included formats WAV
Created in Pro Tools
File size 3.43 GB
Changelog N/A
Duration 00:30:38
Loops seamlessly
Bitrate 16 bit
Sample rate 44,100 kHz

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