Bone Planet Tileset

Technical Details

Version V1 (Last updated 07/19/2015)
Included formats png
Created in Photoshop
Sprite Yes


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Hyptosis LVL 9

Aug 9th '17 05:28  

Hey Ynor, I took a look at the sheet just now, and everything looks fine? I'm not sure what part you're referring to.

Ynor LVL 2

Aug 8th '17 06:38  

Hey, love your work! But I have to say-- I think you overlapped some tiles in the Bones_A file. The sides of the stone walls are missing.

bluegiger LVL 1

Jan 24th '17 09:34  

Man, these tilesets are great! Thank you so much for making this one free. Once I finish the game I'm currently working on, I'm thinking of using this for my first go at a simple RTS. You can look forward to more purchases from me.


Top Tileset

Nice tileset with a very much detail!

Posted by Flabe about V1 on 2nd Sep 10:04

Very Happy!

Worked well in Unity. A great tileset. High quality. Helped me come up with a new beginning to my game.

Posted by Amazastrophic about V1 on 1st Sep 05:28