Blackforest Tileset

Technical Details

Version V2 (Last updated 07/17/2015)
Included formats png
Created in Photoshop
Sprite Yes


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Dillybob LVL 2

Nov 30th '15 00:14  

Please make a space themed version omg, These are gorgeous

Hyptosis LVL 9

Dec 1st '16 00:37  

@Dillybob I plan to, thanks mate!

Oct 17th '15 19:50  

Ruins!! This would be great. I got this basically for the ruins. So more is great. Already using Bone Planet in my game. Credits are on my site. Looking forward to all the art you release. I buy all @hyptosis art releases.

Hyptosis LVL 9

Oct 26th '15 18:47  

I updated the tileset some, hope it helps guys!

Flabe LVL 2

Sep 2nd '15 09:54  

Is there any chance you could add some kind of sand/dirt? So I can create paths with this tileset?

Hyptosis LVL 9

Sep 3rd '15 11:01  

I'm going to update the tileset in about 30 or 40 days with paths and more ruins!


Amazing tileset

Just needs that next update to all 5 starts!

Posted by Amazastrophic about V1 on 17th Oct 19:52

Very nice Tileset

The tileset looks great but its gras only. I would love it if there would be some sand/dirt tiles(maybe from the Bone Planet Tileset.

Posted by Flabe about V1 on 2nd Sep 09:56