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4.99This collection features a mix of different environmental and level theme which are perfect for underscoring your games and stories! These tracks are all original and fully orchestrated. If you like these please check out my ALL-IN-ONE MUSIC PACK, coming soon!


Song of the Meadow

A sweeping score that acts a rousing call to adventure! A fully orchestrated piece with a prominent horn line is perfect for a wide-open field to explore.

Tempo: Moderate (95 bpm)

Mood: Pleasant, Adventurous

Environment: Pastoral, Starting Area

Loop Length: 2:11


On the Seabed

A tranquil track that evokes the feeling of swimming beneath the waves of a vast ocean. A lightly orchestrated piece that gently flows along, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Tempo: Slow (110 bpm)

Mood: Tranquil, Meditative, Peaceful

Environment: Water, Sanctuary

Loop Length: 2:14


Mystic Valley

An off-kilter track that's constantly shifting around you, featuring a Sitar and Tambura to bring out a mystical quality.

Tempo: Moderate (100 bpm)

Mood: Mysterious, Magical

Environment: Pastoral, Versatile

Loop Length: 1:56



A gentle track to evokes the gentle rolling waves along a beach. Perfect for any any seaside town or friendly port!

Tempo: Moderate (85 bpm)

Mood: Relaxing, Flowing

Environment: Coastal, Beach, Pier, Port, Water

Loop Length: 2:09


Snowy Village

A bright, cheerful tune evoking the spirit of a particular winter holiday. Perfect for any cozy snow-capped village or scene of winter merriment!

Tempo: Fast (120 bpm)

Mood: Cheerful

Environment: Snow/winter/cold

Loop Length: 2:03


Forest in Mist

A dark forest covered in a thick fog, what could by waiting in the mist? A deeply atmospheric track perfect for any area of mystery or illusion.

Tempo: Slow (50 bpm)

Mood: Mysterious, Dark

Environment: Dark forest, Cavern

Loop Length: 2:38


Mountain Summit

A lively track that bounds up towards the skies, climbing up to a summit that pierces the clouds.

Tempo: Fast (120 bpm)

Mood: Exuberant, Adventurous

Environment: High altitude, Snow

Loop Length: 1:54



Deep below the earth lies a vast labyrinth, an endless tomb for those who dared to venture inside. An ideal track for a dungeon or deep cave!

Tempo: Slow (50 bpm)

Mood: Mysterious, Dark, Foreboding

Environment: Dungeon, Underground, Cave, Tomb, Labyrinth

Loop Length: 3:00



A fast and dark track set in the backdrop of an active volcano. Great for the setting of the final villain's lair!

Tempo: Fast (130bpm)

Mood: Aggressive, Apocalyptic

Environment: Lava, Villainous Lair

Intro Length: 0:22

Loop Length: 1:50


Desert of the Endless Night

In a far corner of the Earth lies an enchanted desert where the sun never rises. Versatile for any desert setting!

Tempo: Slow (110 bpm)

Mood: Mysterious

Environment: Desert, Night

Loop Length: 2:24


Town Square

Picture yourself in the middle of a bustling town square, with people buzzing arouns and various merchants, artisans, and crafts-people selling their goods.

Tempo: Fast (85 bpm)

Mood: Exciting, Busy, Active

Environment: Urban, Market

Loop Length: 1:55


Skies Over Acadia

The world is full of Adventure, so spread your wings and take flight! Seize your destiny!

Whether flying high above the clouds, or surveying a vast landscape full of promise, this is a perfect track to underscore the start of an adventure.

Tempo: Fast (180 bpm)

Mood: Exciting, Soaring, Adventurous

Environment: Pastoral, Sky

Loop Length: 2:04


The Grand Temple

At the center of the city lies a monolithic temple which inspires both awe and terror in equal measure. Ideal for a more meditative atmosphere with a reverent tone.

Tempo: Slow (80 bpm)

Mood: Meditiative, Peaceful, Reverent, Calm

Environment: Urban, Religious,

Loop Length: 2:24



Deep in the woods lies all sorts of dangers so take caution. Who knows what could be lurking in the shadows? Wait, are we being followed...?

Tempo: Moderate (130)/Fast (160 bpm)

Mood: Dark, Moody, Scary, Pensive/On-edge

Environment: Forest, Cavern, Dungeon

Loop Length: 2:49 -or- 2:18


Icy Palace

A mystical track, great for a more atmospheric locale! If you don't mind the chill in the air, stick around and marvel at the sculpted architecture and icy statues.

Tempo: Slow (110 bpm)

Mood: Meditative, Chilly, Calm

Environment: Snow/Ice

Loop Length: 2:10


Cavernous Abyss

A dark, dank cave that doesn't appear to have a bottom. Does it go on forever, or is the something waiting at the bottom of this deep well?

Tempo: Slow (50 bpm)

Mood: Scary, Haunting, Dark, Foreboding

Environment: Underground, Dungeon

Loop Length: 1:36


Bazaar of Wonders

In the heart of the desert lies a great city, with a bustling market within its walls. Here you can find all sorts of lost and ancient wonders. Who knows what you'll find in that mysterious tent in that dark corner?

Tempo: Fast (65 bpm)

Mood: Exciting, Busy, Active, Mystical

Environment: Urban, Desert, Market

Loop Length: 2:05


Ancient Ruins

Deep within the jungle lies the remnants of a vast empire, with massive temples and statues for forgotten deities. If you you listen closely you can still hear the music of a tribal dance from long ago.

Tempo: Moderate (110 bpm)

Mood: Awe-inspiring, Stately, Adventurous

Environment: Urban, Ruins, Jungle

Intro Length: 0:31

Loop Length: 2:19


Fields in the Moonlight

A peaceful scene of vast fields gently swaying under the starry sky. Ideal for any tranquil setting with a hint of mysticism!

Tempo: Moderate (55 bpm)

Mood: Gentle, Relaxing, Meditative, Peaceful, Calm

Environment: Pastoral

Loop Length: 2:02


In The Secret Lair

At the climax of adventure you find yourself in the heart of the vile villains lair. Make haste! There isn't much time before they enact their final plan.

Tempo: Fast (120 bpm)

Mood: Villainous, Climactic, Pressure, Timed

Environment: Dungeon, Villain

Loop Length: 1:44



The following five tracks are all examples of shorter or incidental music from my ALL-IN-ONE MUSIC PACK, coming soon!

Battle Theme 1 - Basic Encounter

This is a small-scale battle theme, perfect for a standard encounter with basic enemies!

Tempo: Fast (120 bpm)

Mood: Combat, Action

Intensity: High

Loop Length: 0:58


Calm Theme 1

This is a small-scale battle theme, perfect for a standard encounter with basic enemies!

Tempo: Fast (100 bpm)

Mood: Calm, Neutral

Intensity: Low

Loop Length: 0:19


Victory Fanfare - Short

A short victory fanfare to punctuate a successful encounter. Huzzah!

Tempo: Fast (210 bpm)

Mood: Victorious

Intensity: High

Length: 0:07


Dialogue Theme 1 - Playful

A small little tune that's perfect to underscore a cute or playful character.

Tempo: Fast (150 bpm)

Mood: Playful

Intensity: Low

Loop Length: 0:22


Shop Theme 1 - Tailor

A simple piece of looping background music, great for milling about a shop.

Tempo: Fast (75 bpm)

Mood: Idle

Intensity: Low

Loop Length: 0:51

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Adventure Music Collection Vol. 1

Handcrafted by ZacharyLoyMusic


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