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What makes a good asset listing?

So, you’re looking to list your first asset on GameDev Market or want to improve your current listings and need some tips? Don’t worry we’ve got your back!

We receive hundreds of asset listings each month, and some fare better than others. There’s some assets that don’t sell well, and others don’t even get through the review process at all. So let’s make sure this won’t be your fate – follow these tips and give your asset the best chance!

Be unique
Some assets can be over-represented in the marketplace. Crates and barrels – we’ve got those covered. Have a search around and see if what you’re selling can already be found in abundance. If it can, maybe there’s a unique spin you can put on yours to help it stand out and make it more appealing.

Shop window
The first thing members see is your cover image and asset title. The title is shortened on the search/browse pages if it’s too long, so make sure you put the good stuff first. Think about what you would search if you needed to find your own asset, and make sure it’s there. In terms of your cover image, it’ll need to be 700px by 400px. Can you think of a good way to demonstrate your asset in action? If it’s a tilesheet, can you show an example of what can be built with it? You’ll be reeling them in if so.

Zombie Character Pack

It’s your work, and you can price it how you want. GameDev Market does not enforce any pricing tiers, as we firmly believe you know the price of your own time and effort. One person’s jazz loop is not equal to another’s. But, be realistic. If there are competing assets for a quarter of the price you’re asking, you may find buyers are happier settling for the cheaper options.

Showcase it well
The GameDev Market licence allows a purchased asset to be used in more than one game. Your cover image on its own might not show just how good your asset is, so try to highlight its broader use by providing multiple sample files. There’s a reason that packs/bundles of assets sell so well – you’re giving your buyers the option to reuse your work in part or in full, and that’s a great bonus!

Follow the rules
I know I know, you’ve reached the boring stuff. There’s a lot of reasons assets get rejected, and these are listed on a previous article we wrote a guide on Getting Your Assets Accepted First Time. Write your content in English, don’t include custom licence terms (all purchased assets adhere to GDM’s licence terms), and don’t upload any copyrighted material. That’s most of it, but you’ll find the full list in our guide.

These are the main tips to help you sell your creations. We hope it’s been helpful, and do reach out to us on social media with your feedback. All the best, and good luck!

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