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New Year, New GDM…

It’s something we’ve been looking at for over 12 months, and after a couple of re-workings and hurdles to overcome, we’re delighted to be able to reveal the first part of a major overhaul for GameDev Market in 2022 – a brand new look! 

Read on to find out more details on the reasoning behind the makeover, as well as a snippet of info on the other big changes that are in store for the next few months…

Why the change?

Other than our first redesign, which came 12 months after we launched, the overall look of the GDM website has remained largely the same over the last 8 years, and the only change we’ve ever made to our logo was a tweak to the font. 

Even though we’ve always liked our original logo for its retro look and portrayal of community, we felt it was time for a big change to give GameDev Market a much more modern and fresher look. At the same time, we wanted to make sure any new logo matched up with the overall look of the site, so opted for a full overhaul of the design of the store as well.

The choice of new branding…

With the previous design being completely untouched for so long, it had gone a bit stale and we didn’t feel it kept up with our aim of GDM being viewed as a distinctive, playful and friendly brand. 

We didn’t want to make the new logo too complex and originally chose a simple character based logo, which looked great, but we felt it potentially gave the impression that the site was focused on a smaller selection of game genres, something we definitely wanted to avoid.

Which is how we came to our new logo…

We feel that this is a much cleaner and simpler logo than the old style full pixel art based logo, but we wanted to retain a small nod to pixel art with the letter ‘M’, after all, pixel art has such a long history in games and has stood the test of time, with its popularity still obvious today.

With the splashes of colour being utilised for the pixel element of the logo, it makes it much more distinctive and it brings in the more playful and friendly feel, as well as introducing the new colour palette that features across the rest of the new look site.

You’ll be seeing a much more integrated look across future marketing related designs, making full use of our new colour schemes to tie everything in together.

But the new look isn’t all we’ve been working on…

What’s next?

As touched on earlier, the rebrand is the first part of an overhaul for GameDev Market, one which, by and large, is purely aesthetic at the moment.

However, we know there are a number of things that can be improved from a user perspective, which is why we’ve also taken the decision to carry out a complete rebuild of the website itself. The initial groundwork got underway before Christmas and we’re hoping to be ready for launch at some point of Q2 this year.

We’ll have much more info on this closer to the time, but let’s just say we’re looking at dealing with some of the most common problems people have had with the site at times, as well as introducing new features and functionality to help make your GDM experience as smooth as possible.


As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to let us know what you think about the new look GameDev Market at [email protected]

Also, we’ve been through the site with a fine tooth comb to weed out any instances of the original design and logo, but if you do spot any that have slipped through the net then be sure to let us know!

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