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Member Spotlight – GuttyKreum

GuttyKreum is a pixel artist hailing from Canada & is next up for our Member Spotlight post, as well as being the latest Featured Creator. They’ve been a member on GDM for just over 3 years and have two fantastic asset collections

Check out their full listings or take a look at their Featured Creator Bundle.

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Developer, Asset Creator, or are you a bit of both?

Asset Creator, with a fantasy of future game dev.

Full Time, Part Time, or Hobby?

Part time right now.

How long have you been doing this?

Since August of 2019.

What made you become a dev/artist?

I love creating art that evokes nostalgia. I used video games as an escape growing up during the SNES era, and memories of my ‘go-to’ games still inspire me.

Favourite software/tools to use? 

Aseprite and Juice FX.

What’s one tip you would give to someone starting out?

If you’re going to be making tileable assets, pick a tile dimension best suited for game dev engines that you’re used to (for example: 16×16, 32×32, 48×48). I believe 16×16 (although I personally started at and stick to 32×32 at the moment) to be the best choice as it will potentially be adaptable to many game dev programs.

Also be as consistent as possible with the style of your assets. Create or adapt a color palette and try to stick to it as close as possible. That was more than one tip, but it’s too hard to narrow it down to one best!

How do you promote your work (games or assets)? 

I use Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook to promote my work. Make the best possible mockup of a scene using your assets and use that to help promote whenever\wherever you can.

What project are you working on now?

Looking into future asset pack themes for my Japan Collection sets at the moment.

Any completed projects/work you want to promote?

My ‘The Japan Collection’ series of asset packs (

Favourite game ever & why?

My answer may vary at times. I’d say I have the best memories of Final Fantasy 4 (pretty much tied with Final Fantasy 6) on SNES. Something about the music, story (I thought going to the moon in a spaceship so outside the norm of the traditional medieval-like fantasy I was used to at the time), and art style (I love the monster/boss sprites) that stuck out to me. I can’t really pinpoint it down, other than the impressionable brain of my youth being engrossed with it.

Check out some of GuttyKreum’s assets…

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