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Member Spotlight – EvilMind

Our Featured Creator for November 2021 and latest member under the spotlight is EvilMind! He’s a composer and musician joining us from Spain. Being a member since May 2014, he’s got a large collection with some amazing assets! Check his journey and definitely his assets!

GDM Username:

Name or Nickname: Tao & Sound, Fernando del Pueyo

Age: 40

Country: Spain

Developer, Asset Creator or are you a bit of both?
Mainly, I am a composer and a musician. I was part of the 7 people game development studio Evil Mind Entertainment in which I got my hands dirty in design, 3d art, programming, etc. added to my audio responsibility, of course.

I have been an asset creator and audio designer for hire since then.

Full Time, Part Time or Hobby?
Full time

How long have you been doing this?
Asset creator since 2011.

What made you become a dev/artist?
Total vocation and passion for the music and sound language. In this case, talking about assets, also my love for the gaming world.

Favourite software/tools to use?
FL Studio, and of course, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, flutes, hurdy gurdy…

What’s one tip you would give to someone starting out?
Work. Work hard. Work even harder! but then, relax or you will fade out, like tears in rain…

How do you promote your work (games or assets)?

Social media: SoundCloudTwitterInstagram and Fb. Whenever I see a good place with devs around such as reddit.

What project are you working on now?
Currently, I’m working, with a Polish gamedev studio, on the music, sound effects, and sound design of a horror game, I’m also working with the team of the Assimilate game to fix their audio issues. I’d like to make another asset bundle as soon as possible whenever I get some time.

Any completed projects/work you want to promote?
(Send us a link or some screenshots)
My last artist album Susu’s Mountain Jazz and my “only for listening licensed” music in general… good music to code, devs!!

Last two indie games I know (whose devs contacted me to say thanks, share their work and hire some custom audio files and services) using my gamedev market assets packages: Assimilate game and Godking: Master of Rituals

Favourite game ever & why?
Castlevania Symphony of The Night

I guess I’ve been surprised, amazed and in love even more with several games in the past and nowadays such as Baldur’s Gate 2, NWN, RDR, RDR2 or The Witcher 3 WH, but that day in 1997 when Castlevania SOTN came to my hands was an incredibly unexpected gaming experience that I just can’t forget, both music and game.

My first Castlevania was NES Simon’s Quest, which I loved (yeah, dig it, haters), so I was already a Castlevania rpg (or metroidvania) formula fanboy, and after years of (good) hackn’slash Castlevania titles, Igarashi came with this jewel that made history. I played the 200.6% that time, and I replayed it like a million times since then and every minute is worth it.

You can connect with EvilMind


Check out some of EvilMind’ assets…

Epic Asian Ambience Pack
HUD and GUI Medieval Art Bundle
Epic Battle and Adventure Music
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