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Member Spotlight – Bosone

Following on from lmenchia, we have another Italian as our next featured member – Bosone is an audio composer, who has been a member since 2016. You can find out about their mission to Mars below and check out their profile and asset catalogue here.


GDM Username: bosone

Name or Nickname: Matteo

Age: 43

Country: Italy

Developer, Asset Creator or are you a bit of both?:   Asset creator

Full Time, Part Time or Hobby?:  Hobby

How long have you been doing this?: 

I’ve been into music since about 2000, in music asset creation since 2011-2012

What made you become a dev/artist?: N/A

Favourite software/tools to use?:   Bandlac / Cakewalk SONAR

What’s one tip you would give to someone starting out?:   

if you are a hobbyist, don’t take this too seriously! 🙂

How do you promote your work (games or assets)?:  

I used Twitter, LinkedIn, the community forums and I tried YouTube, but i have the feeling that nothing worked, but I never did it too seriously…

What project are you working on now?:  

Nothing since I have no time to dedicate to my hobby!

Any completed projects/work you want to promote?:

My music is going to Mars. Literally:

the video of the music that is going to Mars:

if you are interested i’ll give you the details, or you can look into
this forum post (one of the many i have put on the net)

And finally, favourite game ever & why?:   I am not a gameplayer…
strange, right, for one pretending doing music for games!? 🙂


You can find Matteo’s YouTube channel here –


Check out some of Bosone’s assets…

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