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W.O.W Sound is a provider of unique and high-quality royalty-free music tracks and sound effects for games, films and any form of media! All our tracks are exclusive, copyright clear, and safe for YouTube. We are a small music library created and managed by a team of music composers and sound designers from Singapore! We pick our music composers carefully and work with them closely to produce the highest quality and trending tracks. At the moment, we are still very small, but we add more music monthly as we want to ensure the quality of the tracks, as well as keeping the library friendly, accessible, and affordable. We provide music for all styles of video game from casual to fantasy and action also comes with royalty free game sound effects. The music tracks in our music pack are lovingly crafted and carefully selected to fit the various game genres ranging from casual, RPG, fantasy, horror, action and more! All music within a music pack is of a common sound palette and theme, and each music pack comes with their respective music stingers, jingles, and sound effects! Browse our music now at:

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