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Hi, thanks for stopping by! Shapeforms Audio (Rich McBride) produces high-quality audio and music for games and other media. I've been working in games for over 10 years now, and had the good fortune to contribute to 7 global #1 mobile games and a couple of national number 1's. But I've got a confession to make: I didn't start out in audio. At least not by day. By night, from the day I started as a bright-eyed junior artist til the day I made lead, I worked away at my second love: audio. Over that time the fondness for sound grew so much I started to move more and more towards it, creating soundtracks for indie gems and studios with hits under their belt, scoring best audio nominations along the way. I even won a national Excellence in Audio award (AGDA 2016), neat! That settled it. I would combine my love of audio, design, and game development into a new venture: Shapeforms.

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