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Hello, I’m Rich 64. My real name is Ivan Ivanov, I’m originally from Russia, currently living in Moscow. I’ve started producing music back in school when I got my first MIDI controller “Launchpad” by Novation. Firstly, I started to learn Ableton Live and basics of the music production. I tried myself in different genres of music, even beat-making, but mostly my music was just random tracks without any particular style. After some time I tried to make trap beats because I got highly inspired by producers like Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital, I struggled a lot with quality and structure of my beats, all my beats sounded flat and too banal. But I didn’t stop learning. Now I got graduated from college and need to find some job or different flow of income. I decided to get myself into music production as a beatmaker because I still feel passionate about making trap instrumentals. I will try my best to get succeed and make other people successful in this hard, but at the same time fun craft.

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