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Hello! Ever since i was a child i have been interested in Composing music. From composition contests in piano lessons to Composing my own pieces in jazz band, I've listened and learned. I have used art as a muse as well and can even make a song based on an idea someone might have in their head. Music is fun in a way where i can explore infinitely! I am an avid gamer and I tend to listen to the soundtracks more. Here lies my passion. I want to share the feelings todays composers are generating. Whether it's fear or an exciting track for monster slaying, my musical chops are solid to the point where you can imagine the scene just from listening to the composition. My love for Composing has spilled into time used to work my regular 9-5. If i can afford it i would rather write music. So now I'm at a point where i would love to work as a composer. I have been anxious to start a career in writing music but i am confident i have something to bring to the table that is of quality.

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