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I make music that makes your hands sweat. I make a lot of free music, however I decided to upload on gamedevmarket because I need money to pay rent and locals bully me, so I will buy them as slaves (joke). If you like my work, good, you will go to heaven. "Amazing sound quality" - Beethoven "Outstanding composition, 9.5/10" - Neighbour Bogdan "Jabadabadooo!!" - Scooby Doo "Darararara" - Snoop Dogg "Mmmmmmm" - 1000W Stainless Steel Microwave Everytime someone buys my work, a monkey appears at their doorstep, while singing carols. If you don't have a doorstep. a glitch happens, furiously devouring our existance. As you can clearly see, there is a gamble in buying my music, so beware, and thank you.

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