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I'm a digital painter, 3d artist and small game developer. My main goal when creating art assets is to create something that I would want to use for my projects. I try to maintain a very stable quality and visual standard with anything I do, and I aim for assets to be as versatile as possible. I also work much larger than I plan to make the asset, trying to ensure that these assets will be future-proof essentially. Having icons that you intend to use at 64x64 pixels today, might require 4096x4096 in the future. I also do custom assets for anyone that is looking for something specific for their project. For example, a shield with a specific insignia. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions, requests, issues, etc. here: Email for support: [email protected] Or on twitter at: @HansGuentherArt Thanks for checking me out! Happy creating!

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