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Hi! I am Florian and I'm a video game composer. I specialized on making music for 2D Adventures and RPGs. I regularly upload royalty-free and premium music for you to download. I will also compose individual music for you! Just leave me a message and let's chat. I managed to combine the two things in my life I am most passionate about: video games and music. It all started in 1994 when I got the SNES on christmas, shipping with Donkey Kong Country. Since then, I can no longer keep my hands off them. My passion for music started around 2004. Before I ever learned an instrument, I teached myself how to beat box, later moving on to play drums... guitar... piano. I have always had the urge not only to play songs, but also to compose my own stuff. I composed and produced songs for a variety of bands before I began composing for video games in 2013. Maybe in the future also for yours!

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