Epic Stock Media LVL 20 64326 XP

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We present to you a community, budget friendly assortment of themed sound libraries, with extensive amounts of quality content at an unbeatable price! Why are we doing this? Epic Stock Media has the vision to help creatives endeavor successfully in the world of audio! We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to acquire high quality, affordable, Hybrid Game Sound Libraries! As a sound designer, I’m always on the prowl for top-notch audio assets to add to my arsenal. Sometimes I find myself not able to purchase sound libraries that I like or only able to purchase small/portions of libraries over a long period of time. So I teamed up with a small group of designers to create a set of inspiring sound libraries with a simple mission – Give the community innovative content at an everyday price. From experience, we know how important it is to have a vast assortment of sounds that remain relevant project after project. Not to mention that keeps you on budget and doesn’t break the bank. Today, the company is a small team of caffeinated professionals that specialize in contract music composition and top of the line sound design for gaming and multimedia industries. Using modern specialized technology and proprietary audio trade techniques, We aim to provide our clients with innovative, themed and targeted platform audio designs that are cohesive.

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