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¿Who are we? Catalejo Studio is a team of musicians, sound designers and voice actors located in Santiago, Chile. ¿Our experience? Our director, Felipe Salinas has been a composer for over 10 years, and graduated as a Musical Producer in the “Universidad Tecnológica de Chile INACAP”. He has worked as a composer and took the role “sound and musical consultant” in Grupo Wintek, also he has made freelance music and sound assets for companies like Epig Games and Incaztec. Here you can check his Linkedin, and his Music Portfolio. Catalejo is also allied with YQProd, the first voice acting academy in Chile, owned by Yannina Quiroz, who has made the official latin voice adaptation of series like “Avatar: The Last Airbender” (performing as “Azula”). ¿Our resources? We work with Reaper DAW for recording and musical production, one the best sound editing software and currently an industry standard for recording, mixing and mastering. In terms of music we have the versatility to work in epic orchestral arrangements to jazz, pop, techno and rock band arrangements. For voices, we can offer english and spanish voice acting.

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