Pixel Shooter and Towers Pack

Technical Details

Version V1 (Last updated 02/03/2016)
Included formats PNG
Created in GraphicsGale
Sprite Yes


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Owiedoodle LVL 1

Dec 9th '16 17:57  

Hey There, I just downloaded this pack and I'm wondering how I should credit you when I post my game. I was thinking finalbossblues. Thanks so much for this, I just can't design sprites for my games. So once again thank you so much

Dec 16th '16 15:30  

@Owiedoodle: no credit necessary. If you want, finalbossblues is fine or Jason Perry.


Apr 17th '16 15:53  

I wish to give credit where it is do. would you like me to use your handle "finalbossblues" or if you wish and want to you could make a logo that I would put in the credits. let me know what you would like.

Apr 17th '16 16:21  

@RUNINSCARED No credit necessary. :) If you WANT to, you can credit me either as "finalbossblues" or as "Jason Perry"

madmenyo LVL 1

Feb 12th '16 09:26  

Looks great! What license does it have?

Feb 12th '16 16:16  

@madmenyo Thanks. :) GDM's standard Pro license: https://www.gamedevmarket.net/about/licences/

Feb 6th '16 15:38  

Really nice pack. However, may I recommend that you also post these on opengameart.com as there are a lot of devs on their who could benefit from these.




Posted by thorlarp about V1 on 20th Feb 07:16


Such a good Set Pack, The only problem I am worried about is publishing the game (if I wanted), I just fell wrong for using these sprites. But an amazing pack anyway :)

Posted by Owiedoodle about V1 on 12th Jan 19:23



Posted by kredobs about V1 on 7th Sep 13:04

nice artwork

thank you ^_^

Posted by mandreva about V1 on 7th Mar 04:55

wow nice.

this is pretty nice stuff. thanks!

Posted by avidanimefan about V1 on 5th Feb 09:15