Monster Creature ANIMATED Pack 1

Technical Details

Version V1 (Last updated 03/27/2016)
Included formats Flash CC, PNG Spritesheet
Created in Flash CC, Photoshop CC
Vector Yes
Sprite Yes


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frostzerox LVL 11

Sep 8th '17 03:51  

Will try in the future to create more but will most likely be a while. These are in Flash CC format and PNG. enjoy!

Ch3b7 LVL 1

Sep 7th '17 16:17  

I like your monsters! Im have a question! you plan to make more monster packs? Like diferent monsters by elements like water, fire, etc. And you sell the pack only with png spritesheet format? Thanks

frostzerox LVL 11

Sep 20th '16 21:00  

Hey all, if you buy this pack send me an email on my website contact form and I will send you 4 heroes for FREE. This offer is good until I get a chance to add them as an additional pack here.

Jprocha101 LVL 1

Jun 12th '16 23:55  

Also, would you consider selling these on the Unity Asset Store, I would prefer to purchase them there. I would buy the monsters pack before you release a heroes pack if they were on the asset store. Thanks!

frostzerox LVL 11

Jun 17th '16 18:44  

I will add some more heroes in the same style here very soon, may take a few weeks to get ready and approved, also will review unity asset store also. Thanks Rigo

Jprocha101 LVL 1

Jun 12th '16 23:42  

When will you make a hero pack to go along with the monster packs? I will buy the 30 count monster pack if there were at least half a dozen heroes to go along with them. Can't make a game with just monsters...or can I???

Rebeltribe LVL 2

Aug 29th '16 18:39  

I would also buy this if you also sold a hero pack in the same style to go along with these monsters. Even just a standard warrior, wizard, ranger, thief set would be a great pairing for this set of monsters.


Excellent Characters

The Characters and also the Animations are excellent. The Seller is absolutely professional, he answered me on several Mails in under two hours. The Hero's are really good too. The Pack is really worth the Price. Thank you.

Posted by Achalesas about V1 on 12th May 23:22

Very cute characters

Cute characters with all necessary poses. I love it. Can't wait to see the new bundle.

Posted by akeapps about V1 on 22nd May 15:53