2D Hand Painted - Grassland Tileset

Technical Details

Version V1 (Last updated 10/23/2016)
Included formats png, psd
Created in Photoshop
Layered Yes
Sprite Yes


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caio0290 LVL 2

Oct 13th '17 20:42  

Where are the Characters? I really would like to buy

DanielThomas LVL 14

Oct 13th '17 23:02  

They will be delayed, there was much more work than anticipated.

KurdAppDev LVL 4

Jul 29th '17 09:38  

@DanielThomas how I can buy a character for this pack I really want some objects too.

DanielThomas LVL 14

Jul 29th '17 12:09  

It's in the making, I planning to release the first next month.

bking20 LVL 6

May 29th '17 22:16  

Brilliant how it all fits together in endless ways. Please make more.

alecdoconnor LVL 2

Mar 24th '17 16:27  

I too am curious if any progress has been made on characters for these tile maps?

alecdoconnor LVL 2

Mar 24th '17 16:28  

...or if anybody has found similar character packs that they have used!

jamesreg1973 LVL 2

Mar 16th '17 01:44  

@DanielThomas Would you except any commission work to make additional sprite sheets in this style? I would pay for the work to be done and it does not have to be exclusive you can sale to others or add to your other packs.

DanielThomas LVL 14

Mar 16th '17 02:54  

@jamesreg1973 contact me by email

Ncleary123 LVL 3

Jan 9th '17 07:16  

These look awesome! Great job!

DanielThomas LVL 14

Nov 14th '16 23:28  

Characters are next, but can't say when it will be done.

Cptnkewl LVL 3

Nov 16th '16 20:50  

Characters and Enemies/Bosses (Each in a Bundle) would be awesome. Message me once you're finished - if the Quality is as good as your current work: Instabuy :-P

Dec 11th '16 23:34  

@DanelThomas I'm really looking forward to your characters. I like the cheerful color palette that you've chosen for all your sets.

Archeia LVL 8

Nov 12th '16 00:09  

I really want to buy your stuff! Are there any plans for characters too? :D


Nicely Painted!

I also love the fact you give the PSD file for more options! Top work!

Posted by RRFreelance about V1 on 23rd Jul 14:08

Beautiful Tileset

Absolutely gorgeous set that fits together in endless ways. Brilliant work, I hope you make more!

Posted by bking20 about V1 on 29th May 22:16

Great tileset

Great quality and colors. Main problems are the lack of a matching character set and that all of the tiles are located in one large asset image (per color and resolution size). This isn't a problem if I am working with Tiled, but many other programs (Xcode/SpriteKit) don't natively read this.

Posted by alecdoconnor about V1 on 13th Apr 20:49