2D Hand Painted - Dungeon Tileset

Technical Details

Version V1 (Last updated 08/14/2015)
Included formats PNG
Created in PS


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Snabisch LVL 10

Jan 3rd '17 11:06  

I was fascinated watching this graphic marvel.

rwarren LVL 3

Dec 24th '16 01:29  

This is the best Zelda-style tileset I have seen. Great work! My only comment would be that it is missing a door state (a key-less closed door to be opened by the triggers tiles provided) but it is fantastic otherwise.

ljolin LVL 2

Feb 18th '16 23:07  

Great job! This is laid out very nicely for using tiled map editor. Please add more of your work and I will buy more :)

Dillybob LVL 2

Nov 30th '15 00:18  

Awesome, is it possible to get them to a 32x32 tilesheet for Map Editor Tiled or whatnot? Just curious before I buy!

DanielThomas LVL 11

Nov 30th '15 01:04  

Hi, It's very possible, however only 128x and 64x assets are provided in the download. So you would need to resize the atlas image yourself in your imagesoftware of choice. Thanks!

Dillybob LVL 2

Dec 11th '15 01:17  

@Daniel, Are you going to be releasing more sets by chance? I absolutely love these but I want to buy several in bulk before actually spending money, thanks


High quality + Demo map

Gorgeous tile set. But what makes it particularly good is that the artist included a demo map that you can steal ideas from. Just download Tiled (free app: http://www.mapeditor.org/) and open the .json file.

Posted by danneu about V1 on 15th Aug 02:13