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Only $3 for 2300 sound effects!

This multi-purpose high quality sound effects library contains THOUSANDS of sound effects ultimately suitable for any game genre. The file size uncompressed is 4.7GB. FULL AUDIO SAMPLE

The fallowing sounds effects are available in this pack:


-Animals (Alligator, Bear, Beetle, Tiger, Cat, Chicken, Dog, Cougar, Cow, Duck, Elephant, Fly, Frog, Gorilla, Hawk, Horse, Reptiles, Lion, Monkey, Owl, Parrot, Pig, Rat, Rooster, Whale)

-Backgrounds (Banquet Hall, Bar, Barnyard, Stadium, Cafe Interior, Campfire, Casino, Cave, Church, City Traffic, Constructions, Fairgrounds, Farm, Fireplace, Forest Birds, Gymnasium, Harbor, Jungle, Kennel, Office, Prison, Race Track, School, Sewers, Shopping Mall, Swamp)

-Electronics (Radio Statics, Beeps, Buzzes, Alarms, Morse Code, Ray, Device On/Off, Electric Arcs, Interference, Vocal Garble)

-Explosions (Fire, Debris, Deep, Echoes, Glass, Impacts, Distant, Structural)

-Fantasy (Angel Chorus, Bell Tree, Iron Scrape, Screeching, Shards and Taps, Trailing, Tinkle Atmosphere, Whoosh)

-Hand to Hand Combat (Arm Whoosh, Body Drag, Body Fall on Dirt, Metal, Leaves, Wood, Bone Crunch and Snaps, Eye Poke, Fight Sequence, Grab Clothes, Kung Fu Hits, Limb and Flesh Rips, Body Punch, Face Punch, Kick, Slap, Swipe and Punch)

-Hits and Tones (Bowed Vibe, Deep Bass Kick and Swell, Drums)

-Home and Office (Alarm Clock, Bath Water, Briefcase, Camera Click, Camera Flash Bulb Crackle, Can, Clock Tick, Computer Beep, Coffee Sequence, Cooking Pan Sizzle, Cock Pop, Antique Door, Church Door, Heavy Door, Jail Door, Metal Door, Door Screen Creak, Door Squeak, Drill, Engine, Typewriter, Flatware, Glass Clink, Ice Cube,Kettle Boilling, Laundry, Lawnmower, Machine, Megaphone Feedback, Motor Servo, Paper, Pay Phone, Pike Groan, Printer Dor Matrix, Laser Printer, Radio Static, Shower, Sprinkler System, Switch, Toilet, TV, Vacuum Cleaner)

-Horror (Slime Ingestion, Creeping, Eerie Breath, Last Grasp, Liquid Transformation, Oozing Glop, Painful Stretching, Reverse Stinger, Reverse Surreal Breaths, Spooki Sci Fi Atmosphere, Swam, Synth Whoosh)

-Impact and Destruction (Bottle Break, Constant Fire, Crash, Debris, Flasg Fire Igine, Footsteps on Grass, Gravel, Hard Surface, Linoleum, Mud, Hard Run, Glass Break, Glass Shatter, Landslide, Metal Impact, Wood Impact, Metal Crash, Rumble, Shock Wave, Window Shatter, Wood Creaks, Wood Destruction, Wood Impact, Wood Snap)

-Natural Elements (Cold Wind, Fire Blast, Gusty Wind, Howling Wind, Lake Waves, Landslide Rumble, Leafy Tree Wind, Lightning Strike Single and with Rain, Liquid Pour, Rain Car Interior, Rain Drops on Roof, Rain in Puddle, River Current, Spash, Thunder Clap, Underwater Bubbles, , Violent Wind, Volcano Eruption, Lava, Water Boil, Water Drops)

-Ricochets and Whiz (Arrow in Wind, Bullet in Glass, Bullet in Windshield, Bullet Whiz, Machine Gun Ricochet, Sub-Machine Gun Ricochet)

-Sci-Fi (Blast and Phaser, Bomb Arm and Detonation, Cyborg Talk, Scan, Throb, Memory Screen, Electric Crackle, Energy Burst, Flash Flame Crackle, Metallica Vibrations, Morphing Liquid, Neutrino Back Pack On Idle Off, Neutrion Wand On and Fire, Overhead Fly, Power Up Down Blast, Sci-Fi Lightning Storm, Super Jets Overhead, Zap Synths)

-Sports and Recreation (Basebal, Cards, Fotball, Hocket, Referee Whistle, Roller Coaster)

-Title Squence Effects (Flasg Frame, Reverse Wind, Slow Hit, Sub Sonic Stinger, Zing)

-Vehicles (Aircraft, Bike, Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Crashes, Doors, Keys, Trains, Watercrafts)

-Vintage Background (1940 Traffic, 1970 New York Traffic, WW2 Battlefield, Civil War Battlefield)

-Vintage Cartoon (Comedy Vocals, Drums and Percussions, Foley, Hits and Tones, Musical Elements)

-Vintage Devices (1940 Phone, Camera, Old Light Switch, Suitcase, Spinning Machine, Dial Tone)

-Vintage Vehicles (Door Open Close, Honks, Engine, Start and Stop, Gear Shifts, Idle, Steam Train, Ox Cart, Sage Coach, Wagon)

-Vintage Weapons (Cannonball Blast, Light and Fire, Incoming, Flint, Musket, Pistol, WW2 Cannon, WW2 Explosions)

-Vocal Monsters (Bat Swam, Chatterbug, Cybetronic Worm, Deathly Breathing, Dinosaur, Groan, Snarl, Evil Telephatic Girl, Evil Underling, Ganglion Eater, Ghost Voice, Guttural Snarl, Shaking Footsteps, Hybrid Growl, Lizard Creature, Mythic Howls, Roar and Scream, Spider Hiss, Hive, Wails, Whipper Bug)

-Vocals and Wallas (Bite Chew, Breath, Crowd Boo, Applauce, Gasp, Cry Baby, Cry Female, Cry Child, Fart, Fighting Yelling, Heartbeat, Laughing Baby, Female, Male, Playing Children, Talking Children, Police Radio, Whistle Cat Calls, Whistle Crowd, Yelling Male/Female Karate, Soldier Group)

-Weapons and Explosions (AK47, Arrow, Shotgun, Claymore, Firework Spinner, Fuse Sizzle, Flamethrower, Asasult Rifle, MAC-10 Silencer, Machine Gun, Pistol 9mm, 22cal, Pistol with Silencer, Rifle Bolt Action, Rocket Launcher, Sword, Tomahawk, Whip)

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2300 Sound Effects Pack

Handcrafted by 21Ludos


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Technical Details

Name Value
Version 1
Last updated November 11, 2021
Included formats .wav
Created in FL Studio
Changelog N/A
Duration 10:11:34
Loops seamlessly
Bitrate 704
Sample rate 44100

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