Updates to Our Licences

5th July 2015

From today, we will no longer be offering the ability to purchase Basic licences from GameDev Market. This change comes in response to demand from the community for a simpler licensing model, alongside future plans for GameDev Market for which dual licensing would be restrictive. It is important to make clear that the terms of Basic licences previously purchased are still valid and will continue to be supported by GameDev Market; it is simply no longer possible to purchase these licences. One of GameDev Market’s original goals was to provide a way for high quality game assets to be purchased and used for non-commercial purposes, in particular for education and learning. In an effort to maintain progress towards this goal, we have already reached out to several academic institutes and are brainstorming ways to work together to continue providing great assets and opportunities to trainee game developers.

If you are an asset creator, you will notice that your assets on the marketplace now display just one purchase price. This is the price of the Pro licence: the one remaining licence option. When listing a new asset for the marketplace, you will no longer be required to provide a Basic licence price for the asset. We have updated our Terms and Conditions and Licensing pages to reflect the above changes. If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.